A best friend is forever

Violet Rogers and Blake Wellsman are best friends. But no one knows. Violet is a sweet rocker chick who has purple hair. Blake is a star football player with a girlfriend who despises Violet. But they're still best friends until now...


7. Oh crap


  I stared at her, bewildered. Why is she here?! Doesn't she know Blake's whole family hates her now. She sat there talking to Blake's mom,as if the cheating never happened. "Hello Violet." Mrs, Wellsman said cheerfully. "Hello Mrs. Wellsman." Mrs.W knew how important it was to keep our secret, so she acted like she had just met me. "You know each other?" Abby smirked. Mrs.W nodded. Oh crap. "Her mother is in the same book club as me." Oh thank god. "Where is Blake? We need to work on our English project." That wasn't a complete lie. We had an English project, but we weren't planning on working on it. "Oh he isn't here yet. Why don't you wait in the kitchen." I nodded and sat down. I pulled out my phone and texted Blake  

          SOS, ur ex GF is here. Be prepared to be brutal.

He came up an saw me. Blake wrinkled his nose. I glared. "Stupid Goth." He whisper yelled. "Idiotic football head." I whisper yelled back. "Kids..." Mrs.W said in a warning whisper. "Abby, what are you doing here?" Blake asked while I fiddled with my leaf. "Thought I would come see my boyfriend." She smiled. He glared. "I'm not your Boyfriend anymore. We broke up." She smiled. "Not according to the public." He shook his head. "Not tomorrow." He stormed into his room, slamming the door. "Violet, I don't think he is in the mood to work on your project today." I nodded. "Okay Mrs.W. Bye." I waved. And I glared on my way out.

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