A best friend is forever

Violet Rogers and Blake Wellsman are best friends. But no one knows. Violet is a sweet rocker chick who has purple hair. Blake is a star football player with a girlfriend who despises Violet. But they're still best friends until now...


3. How we became secret friends

                                                           (Blake's POV)

   What Violet doesn't know is she saved me from a spiraling depression.also a horrid steroid addiction. She was a saving grace. I was at a party that was supposed to be all pops (populars). She and her gothic friends crashed it. I liked her. I found a love for electric guitars. We've been hanging out ever since. "Blake what are you thinking about?" I look into her violet eyes. "Life." I answered. She pulled out two lollipops. One grape one lime. "You know you want one..." She smiled deviously. "Coach Dad will flip if I eat sugar." I said. She shrugged. "Oh well.  More for me..." She began to put it away. "Wait! Hand it over." She pushed it into my hand. "Violet Opaline Rogers you are one devious little girl." She smirked. "Why thank you Blake Anthony Wellsman." I rolled my eyes. She enjoys ruining my football rules. My phone buzzed. "Date nite remember? Get ur butt over here!" I rolled my eyes. "Abby wants me." She frowned. "See you tomorrow Blake." "Bye Vi."

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