A best friend is forever

Violet Rogers and Blake Wellsman are best friends. But no one knows. Violet is a sweet rocker chick who has purple hair. Blake is a star football player with a girlfriend who despises Violet. But they're still best friends until now...


5. Finding out your girlfriends a cheater


   I walked out of the gym and towards the door after football practice. I bumped into a mass of purple and black. A purple sticky note fell to the floor.


  Meet in janitors closet in the west corridor @ 4


     I walked down to the east corridor and walked out. Then re-entered in the west. I found Violet in the very back of the largest janitors closet. "Hey there jock." She smirked. "Hi there goth." Her smile faded. "My friend Kylie sent me this." She played a video. There was Abby making out with another guy. She was so much more passionate than she was with me. "I..." She hugged me. "I had to show you." I hugged her and a few tears fell. "She wasn't good for you." I nodded. "Meet me at my house in ten." I said. She nodded.

    I walked into my my house. "Ryan go eat your own food." My sisters boyfriend was sitting on the sofa, pigging out on my secret stash of Oreos. "Sorry dude." I walked into my room. The football posters covered the wall. I crawled up into my loft. Vi loved the. My mom had gotten a bed for her in our house, up in the loft, for Vi's birthday. Bing bong. "I got it!" I yelled as I ran to the front door. "Hi baby." Abby! "Hi Abby." She walked in and put a hand on my chest. She stood on her tiptoes and kissed me. Violet stood behind her. Her eyes were wide. I moved my hand as in "get in my room." She slithered past us and Abby let go. She licked her lips. "Mmm." She kissed me again. "Do you love me? " I asked. She looked at me strangely. "Of course baby." She tried to kiss me again. "Then explain this." I played the video. She looked shocked. "That's not me!" She pointed at it. "Yeah sure. Same honey blonde hair. Same clothes.Same BIRTHMARK!" I pulled down her shirt to show her the brown mark an inch above her right breast.  "I had to!" I glared at her. "You didn't want to be all in so I went to a boy that DID." "Then why didn't you just break up with me?" Her lip quivered. "Because I needed to keep my popular satis!" I looked at her, shocked. "Get. Out. Of. My. HOUSE!" She looked scared and ran out. I ran into my room, where Violet sat. "I heard you yell. What happened?" I told her the who story and cried into her shoulder. Why, Abby? Why!?


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