A best friend is forever

Violet Rogers and Blake Wellsman are best friends. But no one knows. Violet is a sweet rocker chick who has purple hair. Blake is a star football player with a girlfriend who despises Violet. But they're still best friends until now...


8. A terrible rumor


  I have a fantastic idea. I have a feeling Violet and Blake are dating. HA! Why would my Blakie choose her over me? The beautiful, rich, popular, and did I mention beautiful, Abigail King, against the ugly, poor, goth, and did I mention ugly, Violet Rogers. Well, I need to ruin them... I know! "Paige!" I tiny girl with stick straight red hair, turned towards me. Some times I worry about Paige becoming more popular than me, but then I remember, she's an idiot. She could never be more popular than me, she doesn't even know how to steal a girls boyfriend, let alone get a boyfriend. "Yes Abby?" She asked cheerfully. "Care to help me start a rumor?" She shook her head. "My mother wouldn't like that. She told me to never spread rumor. It's wrong." She smiled. Idiot. "It's not spreading a rumor. It's... telling the truth... in a twisted way." She nodded. "I see. I'll help." I whispered in her ear. "I'll go get the boys in the newspaper room to help." I smiled and walked out of the library. 

  The newspaper room was crowded with boys. I walked up to Perry. He has ugly spiky black hair and wide frame glasses. And a huge crush on me. I fixed my top. "Hi there Perry." I said in a sweet voice. "H-hi Ab by." I smiled. "Could you do me a favor?" He nodded. "Would you mind putting something important on the cover?" He nodded. "What is it?" I whispered it in his ear. Breathing on his neck periodically made him sweat. "Abby I can't do that! It would be wrong!" I smiled. "Please?" He shook his head. "What if I?" I kissed him. Ugh it sucked. "O-okay..." And he typed it up. And the next day I pick up the schools newspaper. And here it is:


                    Blake Wellsman + Violet Rogers? Find out more on page 10

  Sweet revenge 

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