My name is Niall Horan. My family, they are wealthy. My life, it's not as easy as it seems. I am in love. But I don't always get what I want. That is until I take it into my own hands. I want her. I will get her. I watch every move she makes. You could say I'm a stalker. Or you could say I would do anything for love.


2. Can't Wait


"Okay guys come here come here!" Zayn exclaimed. "What is it mate?" I asked. I walked over to the computers where he was standing. "Look she's home!" Liam said. I gasped as she walked across the screen. "There she is" Harry said. "Darcy Adams" her name rolled off my tongue perfectly. I loved it. I knew almost everything about her. Lets just list a few:
1. She's on the cheerleading team
2.Shes super smart
3. Her hair is long silky brown
4. Her eyes are a hazel color that can rip out your soul
5. Se has only one friend: Kaylee Johnson 
6. Her family is no where near rich or wealthy 
7. She is good at singing and writing
8. She tries not to get too much attention
9. She babysits for family friends after school
10. She loves writing stories and poems and listening to music
That's pretty much all I know. I learn these things simply by observing her and listening to everything she's ever said near me. She has no idea I like her. If only she did. I get noticed but I am not really an attention seeker. "Damn she's gone into the bathroom!" Louis exclaimed. We didn't put any cameras in there just audio. We respect her overall we don't want to like look at her. We could get in really really big trouble for that. "Oh here she's out!" I said as she stepped out of the bathroom. He walked into her room which had purple walls with a cream colored carpet. She walked over to her dresser and pulled out a pair of shorts and a black t-shirt. "The cheerleaders have practice don't they?" Harry asked. I nodded. We set up cameras in the gym too. She changed into a sports bra and the t-shirt and shorts. she turned to the mirror and I noted that the shirt said 'Bows Before Bros'. Ok that's totally for cheerleading. She brushed through her hair and put it in a ponytail in the back of her head. She pulled off a now from the many on her dresser. She wore a lime green one to match the lettering on the shirt and the shorts. She looked perfect. I've never watched her cheer before. I can't wait to see this!

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