Always the bestfriend but never The Girlfriend

this is a story about two classmate became bestfriend in school.the one is strong and the one always bullied in school because of being nerd.what will happen if they meet.


13. Trouble For Harry

....harry left courtney because he need to attend their rehearsal.hes mates been texting him all day long.he will come back later to check courtney.but he just going on his car some froup of guys took him.


Harry's POV

...i am blindfolded and i can't see anything.i ask the guy who took me."who are you?" i ask.but no one will answer me.then the car stop and my kidnapper down me and guide me on the place.they seat me on the chair and untie my blindfold."surprise mr.styles" zach said."why zach?" i ask."because you took courtney away from" zach answer."but she's your cousin" i ask."no harry she's not i said that to get close to her" zach answer."i love her since i see her and laid my eyes on her" zach add."i said she's my cousin so she will not know what i feeling about her" zach said.i didn't know courtney is awake and follow the car who take me."zach how could you?" courtney ask."courtney my dear your here" zach said."courtney why did you follow me?" i ask too."i'm worried about you and see this guys took you" courtney answer."get her" zach said."zach don't you dare touch her" i said."what will you do?" zach ask and tease at the same time."zach let him go i'm the one you need right?" courtney ask."yes come here close to me" zach said."courtney no" i said."don't worry baby i'm fine" courtney said."zach what are you planning to do?" courtney ask."kiss me or he die" zach said."don't do it courtney" i said."let me die and don't kiss him" i add."i'm waiting courtney" zach said.then zach put the gun in my head."no zach i do it" courtney said."close your eyes harry so you won't see it" courtney said."i'm still waiting" zach said."please harry close your eyes" courtney said.then i close my eyes and courtney come to zach.


Courtney's POV

...i kiss zach and he kiss me back.he hold my face and feel the kiss we were sharing.i see harry is crying and i'm crying too.i will do everything for you harry."that's enough zach" i said."but i want more courtney" zach said."i said it's enough" i beg."your forgetting something courtney" zach said."okay how can i trust a guy like you" i said.then he wrap his arm in my waist."zach damn you" harry said.then zach hit harry."zach don't,let me go" i said.i see harry's lips is bleeding."zach i beg you please stop that" i said while i'm crying."let me go" i said.i'm hysterical and crying out loud."now harry what you should do while i'm touching your girl?" zach ask.harry's face is bleeding."let her go" zach said."baby speak to me" i said."i'm okay baby,i will let her touch you" harry said."please run now let me die baby" harry ask."no i will not leave you here alone" i said."come here were not finish" zach said.then zach kiss me.i fight for him but hes so strong."your a good kisser courtney" zach said."and your not" i said."i swear you will pay for this zach" i treat him."oh my dear courtney what will you do?" zach ask."it's none of your business bitch" i said.then he hit me.i fall from the ground."how dare you" i said.then he squeeze my face."were not done yet courtney" zach said then they go and leave us alone in that abandon place.i come to harry and untie him."baby speak to me" i said."oh this all my fault" i said.i dial laim's number.pick up the phone liam."thank god liam you answer" i said."courtney are you okay/why are you crying?" liam ask."i'm not okay and harry too" i answer."what happen?" liam ask again."juts get here in and i tell you everything" i answer."okay send the adress" liam said."get here fast as you can please" i said."okay" liam said then hung up hes phone.i send the address to liam.i wait for about 30 minutes when liam get in the place.


Liam's POV

...."what happen to you and to my mate?" i ask."this all my fault" courtney said.i hug her and calm her at the same time."please save him liam" courtney said while crying."harry please don't do this to me" courtney said."who did this?" i ask."my fake cousin" courtney answer."fake cousin?" i ask."yes zachary anderson" courtney answer."later liam we need to get harry in the hospital" courtney said."yes" i said."please hold on for me baby" courtney said to my mate that been passed out."i promise you zach will pay for this" courtney said and determine."were here courtney" i said."please help my boyfriend" courtney said to the nurse."okay mam" nurse said."is this harry styles?" nurse ask."it's not time for that nurse" courtney said in high voice."courtney relax" i said."how can i relax when i see my boyfriend is dying tell me liam" courtney said in hysterical voice."what happen to your lips?" i ask."it doesn't matter" courtney said."can i have a ice?" i ask the nurse."sure liam" nurse said.then i see the doctor check on my mate."how he is doctor?" i ask."it's fine he just need a rest and full recovery until hes wound in the face" doctor explain."okay thanks doctor" i said.i see courtney is holding my mate hand.why i feel jealous of it?how can i forget you courtney?we both on a relationships that we know we don't love our partners.but what i see now your in love with my mate.but it's been two months since you had a relationship with's time for to give up on you and we always be bestfriends but never on a relationships.but i'm still hoping.


....what will courtney's plan to revenge to zach?harry still in the hospital.courtney is still finding zach.zach is nowhere to  find.courtney missing harry so much.she attend class but her mind is in harry's condition.liam called her mother and liam said it is safe for me not to see harry because her mother is there to take care of him.but after class courtney go to the hospital she need to see harry badly.what will happen if anne and courtney see each other.and don't forget gemma harry's sister.


....find out in my next chapter.....thanks guys for continue reading my story....i appreciate you god be the glory.....godbless us all

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