Always the bestfriend but never The Girlfriend

this is a story about two classmate became bestfriend in school.the one is strong and the one always bullied in school because of being nerd.what will happen if they meet.


2. The Show

....joe and courtney has arrive at the show and many more hollywood star.the press take so many picture of the couple.but joe grab his girlfriend and walk inside were the show got started in less that a minute.he knows that courtney don't like paparazzi.he hates that the press taking so many picture of her girlfriend and compare it to all his exes.i don't want courtney compare to his exes.courtney is different from all his exes.joe think courtney is the one who see in his future.joe planning to propose to's been 2 years of their relationship.


Joe"s POV

..."i'm sorry about that babe" i said."it's okay babe" courtney said."lets go in my dressing room" i said."okay babe" courtney said.while were going in my dressing room i see harry and the rest of his band mates."babe look who's here" i said."who babe?" courtney ask."trun around my princess" i said."harry oh my god" courtney said in excitement."courtney your here" harry said.then harry hug courtney."hey joe can i steal courtney to you?" harry ask."of course i just wait for you in my dressing room babe" i said."okay babe" courtney said and give me a quick kiss on my lips."c'mon courtney i introduce you to my band mates" harry said."hey harry don't go close on my princess" i said."oh sorry joe don't worry i won't steal courtney to you" harry said."just give me a second harry i talk to my joe" courtney said."babe c'mon don't get any trouble here okay.harry is a good friend of mine in school.just trust me will you" courtney ask."i trust you my princess it's harry and the rest of his band i don't trust" i said."they don't do anything wrong i assure you" courtney said."okay babe see you in a bit" i said."okay babe" courtney said.then i hug her and give a warning look to harry."lets go harry" courtney said."yeah" harry answer.


Courtney's POV

...when i'm going inside the dressing room of one direction i'm nervous.i can't believe it i will finally meet liam payne my ultimate crush in the band."hey mates can i have your attention" harry call his band mates."i would like you to meet Courtney Anderson" harry said.the boys just jump and rush to hold my hand."nice meeting you i'm louis tomlinson" the boy who get first in my front."i'm zayn malik" the second boy said."niall horan at ypour service princess" the third boy said."hey liam courtney would like to meet you" harry said."oh no harry hold my hand i'm shy" i said."please can i hold it?"niall said."hey stop that courtney have a boyfriend" harry said.i see all the boys face when harry told that i have a boyfriend."courtney anderson meet our daddy directioners liam payne" harry said."nice meeting you miss courtney" liam said and kiss my hand."oh nice meeting you mr.liam" i said."finally i meet you i'm a huge fan of your" i add."can we take picture together?" i ask."sure" liam said."hey mate (harry) can you do the honor?" liam ask."sure mate but after that were taking picture of courtney and the rest" harry said."yes harry i will' i said.liam puts his hand around my waist and i feel so uneasy.just relax courtney."are you okay courtney?" liam ask."yes liam i'm okay" i replied."okay" liam said."be ready courtney in one,two and three say love" harry said.then we say love.the boys just getting in my side all of them want to my side."okay everyone gets there chance to take picture of me" i said."but for now lets do a group picture" i add.tehn we take some picture as a group.then the niall take us picture and zayn do the same.louis and harry take some picture of us and put in on twitter and instagram."i should go guys joe is waiting for me" i said."stay a little while" niall said."i want to but i don't want joe gets mad at me" i said."but i promise to my classmate james payne that i will attending his friend band rehearsal" i said."wait  li-------" zyn cut  off by liam."mate you should get courtney out of here" liam said."bye boys see you on saturday" i said."bye courtney" niall said.then we walk out.when harry close the door i said to him that i'm okay that i go alone coming back at joe's dressing room.harry agree with me and going back inside of their dressing room.i hurry going to joe's dressing room.


Liam's POV

...i see harry is going back fast."wait mate you get courtney in joe's dressing room?" iask."no courtney do it alone she said she manage going back there alone" harry answer.with that i came outside and look for courtney.i see her arguing to joe in something.joe is pointing something on his phone and courtney begin to cry.i hide so i can hear their arguments.sorry courtney but i'm curious about it."what this babe?" joe ask."babe it's only a picture" courtney answer."only picture look at liam's hand holding yours" joe said."it's just a friendly holding hands babe" courtney said and begin to cry."no do you believe it's only friend to liam?" joe aqsk again."and what you think of me?" courtney ask too."don't you trust me?" courtney add.i see courtney crying i can't help it it's all my fault and who is responsible for putting that picture in instagram?i hear joe saying his sorry to courtney."i'm sorry babe stop crying i don't want to see you crying i'm hurt" joe said."i forgive you if you kiss me" courtney see them kissing passionately.damn i hope i was joe courtney kissing.then i decide to come back in our dressing room."where have you been mate?" louis ask."i just check on something" i said."okay lets go were next to perform" louis said."coming" i said.when were going out we see courtney with joe and his brothers."hi courtney' niall said.but courtney didn't response and i know why."mate just keep quiet can't you see courtney's boyfriend?" i ask."i'm sorry mate" niall whisper to me.then were the host for tonight calling us."ladies and gentlemen one direction" host said.when i'm going on the stage my eyes are rolling then i see courtney and joe seating in the front row of the stage.our eyes meets and stare just little longer and the song begin to start. our song is BEST SONG EVER.after that we seat in our respective chair."the next preformer of the is the jonas brothers"  the host said."lets give them a warm of applause" host added."are you okay here babe?" joe ask courtney."of course go on" courtney said.then i see joe and his brothers going on the stage.but when on their stage joe's announcing very important to the audience."see that girl in dani's side ahe will be my future mrs.jonas" joe said."babe can you get in here" joe ask.i see courtney saying and signing no.but the camera goes in her and nick jonas getting here and bring her on the stage."i'm sorry babe i just want all of you that this is courtney anderson my future wife" joe said."babe enough my face turning into red" courtney said.the audience shouting we want kiss.then joe kiss courtney."tonight we will be singing WHEN YOU LOOK ME IN THE EYES" joe said.joe singing his line to courtney and never look back a single minute.they are perfect to each must accept it that joe is proposing to courtney i will never get her as my girlfriend.i wish courtney is happy.i should get going on my life.bye my first love.



.....when the show is done courtney and joe ia getting to the car.joe to courtney tha he will be leaving in friday night to attend some fashion week in paris and after that in milan and so many country.cpourtney is sad because joe is least she can attend james payne friend band rehearsal.courtney need to text james payne later when she get home.finally she get home.he rush to the bathroom and get some quick shower and lay down on can she live without joe in his life.she love joe very much.


what will happen when joe is gone?can liam and courtney will be close now that joe is not in the scene?just find out in my next chapter.thanks guys for supporting my you all.godbless us all


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