Always the bestfriend but never The Girlfriend

this is a story about two classmate became bestfriend in school.the one is strong and the one always bullied in school because of being nerd.what will happen if they meet.


10. The Decision

.....after that night courtney can't still believe that harry ask her to become his girlfriend.but courtney need to decide if she's be going to be close to liam now that harry is her boyfriend.she know that harry is a jealous type.but liam is her bestfriend harry will understand that.courtney and harry is going home now.courtney has pack all her clothes and bring her luggage outside.she will miss this place especially this place is memorable for her because of liam.then they go to the plane and fly back to LA.


Courtney's POV

....when i get home i rest on the couch and see if liam is there in his house but there is no light in the house.courtney is very tired so she fell asleep in the couch.she didn't know know for how long i feel my soft bed and my perfume in my room.i wake up and rub my on earth this happen?.i ask myself.then i go down and find out.i see liam cooking for something.i come to him and hug him."i miss you mine" i said."i miss you too mine" liam said."what is that?" i ask."your favorite bacon and egg" liam answer."oh i'm hungry" i said.i prepare the table and put two plates. then liam is finish cooking and then we eat."so how's you and my mate (harry)?" liam ask."good and were now official." i said."look the ring i'm wearing it has a name of harry" i ad."that's great" liam said but hes face iis sad."any problem mine?" i ask."nothing don't mind me" liam answer."no you can tell me and try to fix it" i said."it's just my mate (HARRY) call me and said to stay away from you" liam said.i'm shock when i hear that and i didn't control my feelings and see that tears falling in my cheeks."hey don't cry" liam said.but i'm still crying.i can't live without liam in my life it's been that hes y half of me now."mine it's okay if you don't want to i will stay as long we live" liam said.i hug him and say "please liam promise me you will never leave me" i said while i crying."i promise courtney" liam said.then liam face my face to him and wipe the tears in my eyes."i don't want you to cry again" liam said."i'm hurting" liam add."yes i will not cry again" i said.we hug each other and i didn't notice harry is there standing in the door."harry how long have you been there?" i ask."it's enough to hear all you conversation" harry answer.then he walk out.i stand up and call him."harry wait" i call him.he stop and face me."tell me the truth?" harry ask."what truth?: i back the question to him."you and liam?" harry ask."were bestfriends can't you understand that" i said."no because you know that i'm a jealous type" harry said."fine if you can't understand what liam and me being bestfriends we shall break" i said."that's my desicion to made i'm sorry liam is all i have now" i add.i see harry is about to cry."okay lets break" harry said.then i give him the ring."i will not needing it" i said.then i came to liam and cry there."go indise courtney" liam ask."okay" i answer."hey mate lets talk about this" liam said."you like this right?" harry ask."no of course not" ,iam said."i love her mate you know that" harry said."i know but please if you really love her you understand what her feelings" liam explain."but i'm jealous everytime i see her with you" harry said."but were bestfriends" liam said.then i see liam and harry having a fight.


Liam's POV matter how i explain to my mate (harry) his mind is close.he thinks i will steal courtney from him.then i see courtney is getting in our way."hey i said i can take care of this" i said."no harry listen to me what we had is only friends okay" courtney said.i'm hurt when she say that."i love you harry" courtney said."but if you can't understand what liam and i have i can't promise to love you anymore" courtney add."lets talk aboit this inside guys" i said.then we go inside.then i see my mate (harry) and courtney get in the room."give us a minute" courtney said."okay" i said."thanks mate" harry said.i didn't hear anything inside the room.i didn't know what's happening?.then after about 20 minutes lap i see my mate (harry) and courtney going outside.they hug each others.damn i hate what i feel when i see them."were okay now liam" courtney said."thank god" i said."but you will never call courtney mine because she's mine now" harry said."okay" i said."that's our decision liam" courtney explain."it's okay courtney i understand" i said."thanks liam" courtney said."you two are okay right?" i ask."yes of course" harry answer."it's cause for a celebration" i said."call the boys" courtney said."it is okay to you mate?" i ask."yes mate" harry answer."thanks" i ssaid.then i call my mates."baby there's a tiny problem i have nothing to cook" courtney said to harry."okay lets go to the supermarket and buy some to cook" harry said."wait baby i'm wearing  short i change" courtney said."yes please" harry said and smile.then i see courtney going upstairs.


.....then harry and courtney go to the mall for buy some vegetables and meats to the supermarket.when they reach the mall.there are so many people around.harry didn't want to go down but he cannot let courtney do all the shopping and buying some food for tonight.


Harry's POV

....i go down and open the door for courtney.there are some fans take some picture with me.i see courtney push by all my fans."hey careful that's my girl" i said.i pull courtney go inside the mall."baby are you okay?" i ask."yes baby" courtney said but feeling her arm."let me look at it" i said."baby i'm okay" courtney said."no you have scratch" i said."baby i'm okay" courtney said."let me buy a bandage for you" i said."no let do that later at home" courtney said.then we go to the supermarket.courtney buy some vegetables and meats.when she's done we pay for it and go outside.but when we cose to the front door i see so many fans."wait me here my princess" i said.then i go to some boutique and buy some stuff for my disguise."hey who are you? go away" courtney said."baby it's me" i said and laugh."you scared me" courtney said."i'm disguise because of the fans outside i don't want you to get hurt again" i said."your so sweet harry" courtney said."now lets go" courtney add."i think because you have a lot do to" i said.then we go outside no one recognize me until we get to my car.i decide to put out all my disguise and bring them at the back.then i drove courtney's home.i see in inside of the house is happy lads."congartulation mate" louis said."thanks mate" i said.i see my girl busy in preparing in the kitchen.she's lovely when her hair is like that.the way she move i want to see courtney in my house in our future house.i see her my wife in the future.then i see courtney hands is bleeding."what happen baby?" i ask."the knife is slide with my finger" courtney answer."be careful" i said."okay just get the bandage on my first aid kit" courtney said.then i clean her wound and put bandage on it."thanks doctor" courtney said and smile at.i kiss her and she kiss me back."reserve that later baby" courtney said."okay" i said.then she continue to what she doing.


.....that night must be the most wonderful night in harry's life because he finally get courtney as his girlfriend.he love courtney first time she saw it on the school.then courtney is busy cooking while the boys is practicing their song because after this night they have a tour in two can harry live without courtney at his side and sight.harry wish that he go with courtney but his manager won't allow it and beside courtney have a school to attend to.


.....guys catch the celebration in my next you and thank you i really appreciate because you read my storys.gosbless us all 


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