Always the bestfriend but never The Girlfriend

this is a story about two classmate became bestfriend in school.the one is strong and the one always bullied in school because of being nerd.what will happen if they meet.


9. The Confrontation

....harry follow courtney outside and see what will her doing outside.but he see courtney going on his mate (liam).harry hurt seeing courtney is happy with his mate (liam).she will talk to courtney later and confront her.liam forget the reason why he text courtney because she see courtney is enjoying the night.liam see courtney's body oh god forgive me she's so sexy and perfect.liam said too that harry forgive him.then harry saw what liam do to courtney.he wants to go their and punch liam.but is not fair to liam.hes angry.


Liam's POV

....."courtney forgive me for what i do" i said.then i come close to her and pull her close to me and kiss him the most passionate way.i see courtney want it too.she kiss her back.damn courtney is a good kisser.we continue it and didn't know what happen.the things is going past.the next i know courtney and i make love.i lay her on the ground were my towel is.there are no people around in the beach.were in the most hidden place in the beach.i untangle courtney's swimsuit and see her all.oh courtney your perfect.then i down my boxer and kiss her again.i see courtney is nervous."i'll be gentle to worry" i whisper to her.then i place my cock to his center and push it.i see courtney is hurt."i'm sorry courtney" i said."it's okay liam" courtney said in tear-eyed.then i continue to move and my moves gets faster.i said to courtney that i'm close.i see her biting her lips not to slip single moan.after we made love i see courtney is getting dress and still crying."your my first liam not harry"courtney said and stand up."don't worry i want it and no one will know it" courtney add."courtney wait" i said."don't worry nothings happen here" courtney said.then i watch courtney walk away form me.i get dress and get back to our room.i can't sleep because i still courtney's face when make love.i can't believe it that i'm the first.forgive me mate.i can't control myself and beside i love her but she didn't know.first time i saw her and the class i'm in love with her.the way she fight from those who bullied me in our class.the moment she talk to me and care about me that the day i start falling from her.i wish i could turn back the time.


Courtney's POV

....i walk away and cry.i cry because i give my virginity to the man i love.yes i'm in love with my bestfriend.liam didn't know about it.i see harry is awake when i get to our room."where have you been?" harry ask."i just walk by the beach" i said."oh yeah" harry said."why did you wake me to walk with you?" harry ask again."i don't want to disturb you in your sleeping" i said."or you walk with my mate (liam)" harry said."what this interogating me?" i ask."i'm hurt when i see you with him" harry said and see his about to cry.i feel guilty of what i'm i come to harry and hug him."i'm sorry baby it won't happen again promise" i said.i need to stop seeing liam if it is hurt."it's okay baby" harry said.then harry kiss me and get me to our bed.oh no not again i said in my mind.then harry undressed me and he do the same.he continue to kiss me and we make love."damn courtney your body is perfect" harry said.then he push his cock in my center and first is still hurt but how that happen."i'm sorry baby did i hurt you?" harry ask."no continue baby" i said.then he continue and move faster and faster until hes close."oh courtney i love you" harry said.then we separate.i sleep in harry's chest.i fall asleep in that position.the next morning i don't feel harry in my side.i wake up and see if it is outside.but harry is not there.i go to the bathroom and make a quick shower.i get dress and walk into the beach thinking about liam and me in the other night.where i harry.i decide to go for a walk and i see harry is in the cottage."good morning baby" i greet harry."good morning too baby" harry greet me back."how's my sleeping beauty?" harry ask."i'm okay" i said."my mate (liam) and shopia just got back in LA" harry said."what?how about us?" i ask."i said will be going home tomorrow" harry said."i just need to do something special with you tonight" harry add."okay" i said and seat beside him and watch the people on the beach."baby i want you to wear this dress tonight" harry said and giving a big box.i look at it and see a beautiful blue dress.

                                        this is courtney's wearing on her date to harry

"harry it's beautiful" i said."thank you baby" i add."your welcome princess glad you like it" harry said.then harry stand up and go away."hey were are you going?" i ask."don't worry i need to prepare for our date" harry answer."okay" i said.then i don't know why i'm sad when harry is can be that i'm falling with him.


Harry's POV

....i want to say to courtney that i talk to my mate (liam) earlier before they leave.we had a fight because of her.i don't want him to be close to courtney but he didn't agreed with me.he said that courtney is her bestfriend and no one will take that away even me his boyfriend.tonight i will make sure that my mate (liam) is not getting closer to courtney anymore.i talk to the owner of the beach for my plan tonight.then i text courtney saying " i wait for you here in the beach tonight"."okay baby" she text back.then the time is come.i get dress and wait for my princess.there are i see courtney wearing the dress i bought for her.she's beautiful and the dress is fitted well to her."hi baby" courtney greeted me."hello beautiful" i said."baby don't be like that" courtney said."your a lucky girl" the waitress said."no i'm a lucky man because i have her in my life" i said."oh your so sweet baby" courtney said and kiss me.i can't resist so i kiss her back and the kiss is last about 20 minutes."shall we" i said."yes baby" courtney said.then we go to our table and harry pull the one chair for me."thank you baby" courtney said.then i seat in front of her."so do you like the set up baby?" i ask."yes" courtney answer."it's the first part baby" i said."what?" courtney ask."just eat and after that we move to the part two of my surprise" i said.then we eat and no one talk."now can we go to my next surprise for you?" i ask."yes i'm excited" courtney answer."but first i need to cover your eyes" i said."okay" courtney said."just hold my hand baby" i said.then i guide courtney along the beach were the people i talk earlier.i sign to them if they ready and they all sign okay."are you ready baby?" i ask."yes" courtney answer.then i untie her blindfold.i see courtney's reaction when she see what's written in front of her."so what's your answer courtney?" i ask her."yes harry i want to be your girlfriend" courtney answer."yes yes yes" i said and lift courtney in the air."harry put me down please" courtney said."opps sorry baby i'm happy" i said.then i pull a box that our ring that i buy earlier.

                                                  this is harry and courtney rings

i wear the ring to courtney and she wear the other to me."the ring has a name" i said."your ring has my name and my ring has your name" i explain."thank you harry" courtney said.then we finish the night dancing along the my mate (liam) is nothing to do now that courtney is my girl.i won't allow courtney to get close to you now mate (liam).but it's courtney's decision after all if she want to get close to you or not.


.......what will happen to liam and courtney now that harry is in the scene?is there any way that harry get jealous to his mate (liam)?just find out in the next chapter....godbless us all...

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