Always the bestfriend but never The Girlfriend

this is a story about two classmate became bestfriend in school.the one is strong and the one always bullied in school because of being nerd.what will happen if they meet.


16. The Concert ( One Direction )

....courtney still sleeping when they reach the location of the harry decide not to wake her up.maybe courtney is so tired beside she need it.the boys go down to check the location of the concert.courtney awake when she feel someone is looking at her.she see liam on her side.then she see liam was smiling at him.


Liam's POV

...."your awake coutney" i said."where is harry?" courtney ask."their outside  checking on the place" i answer."okay is there something to cook?" courtney ask again."why?" i ask too."i want to cook for all of us" courtney answer."no harry will not let you do it" i said."do what mate?" harry ask."baby you here" courtney said and kiss my mate (harry)."i ask liam if there is something to cook" courtney said."no you will not do anything but rest that's the doctor order" harry explain."i told you" i said."now lets go i tour you to the place" harry said."okay i change or put some jacket" courtney said."just use mine" harry said."oh your so sweet baby" courtney said and hug harry.oh i feel not comfortable that's why i go outside to my other mates."you okay mate?" niall ask."yes i am" i answer."where is our mate (harry) need to check the stage and do some mic text" niall said."hes inside with courtney" i said."i think their going down too because our mate (harry) will tour courtney into the place" i add."oh there you are mate" zayn said."we need to check the stage and do some mic test" louis said."okay lets go" harry said."wait guys" courtney said."what i need to take you picture please" courtney add."okay" zayn said."say love" courtney said.then we said all love."oh i love you guys but of course there's only one boy in my life and it is you baby" courtney said and come to my mate (harry)."hey bestie can you take us picture?" courtney ask me."of course courtney" i answer.then i take some picture of them.damn they look perfect together.and i see courtney finger i see her engagement ring that my mate (harry) gave him.i give it courtney's phone."thanks liam" courtney said."welcome" i said."now lets go" niall said.then we go to see and check the stage.


Courtney's POV

....oh i'm amaze because the place is so big.maybe millions people will see them tonight.i will record harry's singing later.then i see harry busy practicing hes line and sometimes looking at me.then he talk to hes mates it's look likes it's serious.then they all go down."hey baby are you ready i will tour you to the place?" harry ask." yes i am baby" i answer.then he grab my hand and we go all over the place."where we going baby?" i ask."just get in the car okay" harry said.then i get to car and he get too.i see harry's taking me to the most expensive restaurant in town."surprise much?" harry ask when we arrive."yes baby but you don't have to do this" i answer."i want to baby" harry said.the we go inside."we have reservation for two"  harry said."this way please" the waiter said.then we do to the table were harry's made the reservation."thank you" i said."your welcome maam" the waiter said.i look at the menu book."baby can i eat light food?" i ask."no you need to go to heavy food" harry answer."but baby i'm not hungry" i said."okay but i order you rice" harry said."okay" i said.then he order our foods.while we waiting some girls looking at us and ask for harry's autograph and some picture with them.while the boys is do the same with me but harry not allow them to touch not a single of my nail."hey get closer and i will punch you" harry said to the one boy."i just want to make some picture with her" he answer."baby it's okay" i said."i said no one will touch you" harry said."why you taking them picture with you?" i ask."because i'm different" harry answer."but guess what i'm jealous too when some girls took you away from me and touch you and you even know that" i said and walk away from that place.harry's been calling but i still walk."courtney there are so many people following us" i hear harry said."oh yeah why don't you give a damn hug with them and picture" i said."i said stop" harry said and grab me."look i'm sorry okay" harry said hes apologize."okay i'm sorry too for acting like a child earlier" i said."you know i will hit anyone who touch you" harry said.but there is one boy who touch me and hug me."hey who do you think you are to hug my fiancee" harry said and punch the boy."harry lets go,i'm sorry" i said to the boy and we go inside the car."courtney are you okay?" harry ask."yes baby i am" i answer."baby what's happening to you?" harry ask again and then everything turn into black i didn't know what happen next.when i wake up i'm in the bus and sleeping at harry's bed.i get up and try to go where harry's is.but i failed because i fall into the ground.i shout and said "ouch" out loud.


Harry's POV

....i hear that scream is courtney.i go to my bunk and see her lying into the floor."baby what are you doing?" i ask."i'm sorry i'm trying to go to you" courtney answer."you don't have to" i said."are you okay" i ask."yes i am" courtney answer."are you sure?" i ask again?" "yes baby i'm really okay" courtney answer."okay now lets go and you eat" i said."i'm okay you should be ready for your concert" courtney said."i'm ready baby i need to check on you that's why i'm here" i said."and i have surprise for you later so wear this dress that i bought for you" i said."oh you don't need to do that" courtney said."at least you said to me so i bring some of my dresses" courtney add."but baby it's a surprise that's why i bought you one" i said."just eat okay the show start in less than a minute i should go" i add."okay goodluck baby" courtney said."i love you baby" i said."i love you too baby" courtney answer.then i go outside."lets go paul" i said."i'm happy for you harry" paul said."but please don't leave the band okay" paul ask."of course paul i will not leave the band were just engaged relax" i said."beside courtney and me are still studying remember" i add."thanks now lets go" paul said."wait are the boys know your plan?" paul ask again."yes paul they know it" i answer."lets go maybe they are waiting for us" i add.then we walk on the stage.


....then they start the show and their first song is best song ever.when they are in the middle of the show harry's is announcing hes engagement party that will be doing in this show.he text courtney if she's ready because after this song they having a break and go on again.harry asking niall to get courtney here.the audience is geetting wild when the boys is back.but they looking at niall.harry said niall is coming any minute.then niall get on the stage and said to harry everything is ready.


Courtney's POV

....what harry is planning to do?and paul did he know it?then i hear them singing HALF A HEART..oh that's my favorite song.wait my ring where is it?.then i'm going up.i'm shock because harry is waiting for on the center of the stage."surprise much baby?" harry ask."yes" i answer.when in harry's line he stop and saying something."baby look over there?" harry ask me.i look where harry is pointing then i see "COURTNEY ANDERSON WILL YOU MARRY ME?".i cry because of that."hey why are you crying?" harry ask."you do this" i answer."what is your answer?" harry ask."of course i will marry you baby" i answer.then i hear all the fans screaming.i heard them "YOU TWO ARE PERFECT HARRY".harry said "oh massive thank you" harry said."but baby my ring is missing i don't know where i put it" i said."here baby" harry said."why on earth?" i ask."my mate (niall) took it when your sleeping" harry answer."niall" i said."i'm sorry it's part of the plan" niall explain."can i have paul in the stage" i said."paul where are you?" i search for him."there you are" i said."i just want to say thank you for supporting us it's mean a lot to me and we really appreciate it" i said while i'm crying.then paul said "welcome my dear"."love you paul" i said."love you too my dear" paul answer.then i look at harry "you come here" i said."yes my princess" harry answer."you owe me one get ready later" i said but i whisper to him."okay baby" harry said."can i go now?" i ask."you know i hate cameras" i add."no please stay and finish the song" harry said."okay" i said.then harry wrap his arm around me and hug me.then finally the song is finish,i kiss him and said "see you later baby" i said."okay love you baby" harry said.then he get me down on the stage.i go to paul and hug him.paul hug me back.i'm crying because paul is like my dad.he wipe my tears and smile at me."harry deserve you" paul said."and i am lucky to have him paul" i said."now get some rest i know your tired and the doctor said" paul said."oh paul can i rest here and watch him?" i ask."please?" i add."are you sure you okay?" paul ask too."yes i;m completely okay" i answer."okay then i will go there stay here" paul said."okay thanks again" i said.then we wave at each others.i see harry is very energetic on the show.but suddenly i feel surrounding start turn into black.someone is calling me but i didn't know who it is.


....courtney just passed out.paul see it and he thank because he get courtney before she fall on the least the show is end.but the boys is is thanking the fans how they gorgeous in the paul decide to bring courtney in the hospital.this is serious.he tell to the security that tell what happen to harry and to the boys.then the boys get on the backstage and take some picture with their fans.but the security whisper to harry.harry and the boys get to the bus and get to where is courney is.harry is crying and feel worried.he wants to take the driving and fly the bus.zayn telling harry that he need to relax.courtney is okay.they get into the hospital and asking for the room of courtney anderson.


....what happen to courtney? and why she passed out?just find out in my next you guys...thanks a lot.....godbless us all  

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