Always the bestfriend but never The Girlfriend

this is a story about two classmate became bestfriend in school.the one is strong and the one always bullied in school because of being nerd.what will happen if they meet.


11. The Celebration (Harry and Courtney)

....after courtney is done cooking she prepare the table and others that will be needing.the boys help her to ready the table and all others matter.harry grab courtney's arm and pull her close to him.courtney so shy of what harry's action in front of her lads.


Courtney's POV

....."harry don't do this" i whisper to him."but i want to" harry said."maybe later baby when they gone okay" i whisper again."okay i'm sorry" harry said."it's okay now let me change okay,i smell terrible" i said."zayn can you watch the barbecue for me?" i ask."yes courtney i will" zayn answer."thanks excuse me for a while" i said.then i go upstairs."baby can i go with you?" harry ask."okay lets go baby" i said.i see all the boys is shock.we go upstairs.but when we reach my room harry kiss me and undressed me and he do the same with him."baby not now" i said."but why?" harry ask."because i have my monthly period" i said."oh no i'm sorry baby" harry said.i laugh and go to the bathroom."baby i go down okay i just wait you there" harry shout at me."okay baby" i said.then i hear my door close.i make a quick shower and go outside and get my clothes.i'm shock because i see liam at my room."liam my god you scared me" i said."i'm sorry harry is looking for you downstairs" liam said."okay i'm coming tell him" i said."now go before harry thinks negative about us" i said."are you serious about him?" liam ask."yes i know in time i will learn to love him" i answer."okay we will wait for you downstairs" liam said.then his gone.i can't believehe ask that question.then i get dress and go down.i see them in the kitchen having a dinner."sorry courtney niall is hungry so we eat" louis said."it's okay" i said." but harry wait for you" zayn said.then i come to harry and said "your sweet baby" i say and kiss him."wait you two what's going on between you and my mate (harry)?" niall ask."were of----" i cut by harry."courtney is my girlfriend now" harry answer."yeah, congartulation mate" louis said.'thanks mate" harry said.then i see liam is so sad.maybe he don't like the way harry told the boys that were official.then i get my plate and i decide that we share food harry and me.


Liam's POV

...why am i feeling this way.i feel jealous when my mate (harry) announce that courtney is her girl and when courtney kiss him i wish i was the one who kiss her.liam stop your self and control your feelings you don't want to fight to your mate (harry)."liam come here" courtney call me."i'm okay here" i said."no come here" courtney said.then courtney come to and pull me.i see my mate (harry) reaction when courtney do that."okay just let go of me" i said."okay fine" courtney said."may i dance with you courtney?" niall ask."sure niall" courtney answer.everytime there is another guy that attached to courtney my mate (harry) is not in the mood.his mood is change.i see why because niall is looking at courtney the whole time of their dancing."hey are you okay?" i ask."yes i am" harry said and drink the wine."mate can i dance courtney?" louis ask."yes of course mate" niall answer."after you dance courtney mate i'm next okay" zayn said."yes" louis said.then after 20 minutes my mate (zayn) get courtney to my mate (louis) and they dance.i want to dance with courtney too but i know my mate (harry) will get jealous with us."mate it's your turn" zayn looking at me."come liam" courtney said."okay" i said.then i come close to courtney."it is okay with my mate (harry)?" i ask."yes don't worry" courtney answer.then we dance all of a sudden my mate (harry) shout."all of you, you want to steal my girl from me" harry shout."why?don't you think he deserve like me and i deserve her?" harry ask."answer me" harry said."you mate i know you love my girl but sorry she love me" harry continue to shout."baby that's enough your drunk" courtney said and get harry to the guest room."come i take you to my guest room" courtney said."no i want an answer from all of you" harry ask."baby your drunk okay" courtney said."i'm sorry guys" courtney said her sorry for our mate (harry)."i help you courtney" niall said.then we go the my guest room and lay down harry there."thanks niall" i can take care of this, but please can you get me a warm water" courtney said."okay" niall said."thanks" courtney said.then my mate (niall) close the door.


Harry's POV

..."i love you so much courtney" i said."i know baby and i love you too" courtney answer."don't you ever leave okay promise me" i ask."yes i will never leave you i will be here as long as you want" courtney answer.then i kiss her and pull her to the bed.i forgot that the door is not lock.i kiss her neck and touch her legs."opps sorry guys" niall said."it's okay niall get the water here" courtney said."sorry again" niall said."i should go" niall add."okay thanks again" courtney said."harry look what you've done?' courtney ask."i'm sorry my princess" i answer."you make my face turn to red" courtney said."which i find amusing" i said."kiss me baby i want you now" i said."but baby i have don't you remember" courtney tease me."oh i forgot" i said.then courtney give me a bath sponge.i didn't know what happen because i fall asleep.i see courtney in my side.her arm is hugging me.i smile because i remember the scene last night and my mate (niall) reactions when he see's five am in the head is hurting.i decide to stand up and go to the kitchen and make myself some coffee.i decide to clean all the mess last night.i feel guilty to courtney last night.when i'm done i sleep again in the couch. i feel an arm that shaking me.i see courtney is already awake.i stand up because of her clothes.

                                        this is courtney's wearing when harry see her

"where are you going baby?" i ask."oh i forgot i have a beach party to attend today" courtney said."but baby it's too short for you" i said.i see courtney reaction and she laugh."baby it's a beach party" courtney said."i know but----" i cut because of courtney."don't worry i will be a good girl baby" courtney said."i trust you baby it's the boys on that party is i don't trust" i explain."oh baby your so sweet" courtney said."if you want you can come with me" courtney add."i want to but i have rehearsal now from our up coming tour" i said."you can go there later after your rehearsal" courtney said."please" courtney said."okay i try but i not promise" i said."okay i call you i have to go they waiting for me" courtney said and kiss me."take care baby" i said."i will baby, i love you baby" courtney said."i love you more baby" i said.then i courtney go to her car and drive out of her house.then i stand up and go to my car and drive home.


....harry is feel worried about courtney.but he has a rehearsal to do.after he take a shower he go to their studio.but harry mind is somewhere out there.his mind is with courtney.while courtney is enjoying the party and hoping that harry will come here later.

.....what will happen if harry see courtney is dancing into another guy?is there a fight that will happen?just find you guys.thanks

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