Always the bestfriend but never The Girlfriend

this is a story about two classmate became bestfriend in school.the one is strong and the one always bullied in school because of being nerd.what will happen if they meet.


22. Surprise For me

....courtney and the vamps have a one month working together.everyday connor is getting attached to courtney but he think it's wrong because she already engaged and he knows harry.but i connor can't resist connor decide to do a move.


Connor's POV

...*dialing the number of a flower shop* "yes may i help you?" receptionist ask in the line."yes i would like to order a bouquet of flowers" i answer."to whom sir?" she ask again."to Miss Courtney Anderson" i answer."okay can i have her address?" she aask politely." yes you may deliver it here at *giving her the address where i am because courtney will be here any moment*" i said."thanks we deliver it as soon it finish sir, wait sir can we get you're name?" she said and hung up the phone."no just put to a secret admirer" i answer."okay sir i got it" she said.i hope courtney will love the flowers i will give."thinking deep?" brad ask."oh don't mind me" i answer *smile*."i know you're getting in love to courtney" brad said."come on she's engaged brad" i said."yeah but they're not married yet" brad said."i know you when you're in love you will do anything not to think you will hurt the feelings of other" brad add."don't worry i will not do it to them" i said.then i see tristan running toward us.i see who's in his back it's my princess courtney the thoughts of  my mind.


Courtney's POV

...."is there anything wrong in my face connor?" i ask."oh!nothing courtney" connor answer."*smile* okay baby i'm okay here" i said."are you sure babe?" harry ask."yes baby" i said."okay see you later *kiss her*" harry said.*kiss him back*."give me a call or text okay" harry add."yes baby" i said.then harry walking toward in his car and drove away."so courtney this is my other band mates Bradley Simpson, Tristan Evans and James Mcvey" connor introduce his band mates."oh it's nice to meet you boys *smile*" i said.they shake my hand and i do the same."hope working with you is fun and will be doing well" i said."of course miss courtney" bradley said."oh!bradley don't be so formal you can call me courtney" i said *smile*."okay and you can call me brad" bradley said *smile at her*."excuse me for a while i have to see my dresses for today" i said and walk away from them.


Bradley's POV

..i can't blame connor not fall for her because she's fucking gorgeous and beautiful.i love the way she say my name.oh!courtney what are you doing to us?brad just control remember she's already engaged to harry styles."thinking in a deep?" connor ask."oh!nothing connor" i answer."get ready first we take photo by courtney as a group then one by one" connor said."okay connor" i said.then i walk toward in our dressing room.thinking about courtney's face.i didn't see she's coming in the end we bump into each and fell on the ground.that's the scene that James see.i grab courtney's hand to stand her up."james is not what you think" i explain."no need to explain brad" james said."i just want to say tyra is calling us and we need to start" james add and walk away.we follow james and see everybody is ready and they are waiting for us."brad why you're not ready?" connor ask."oh that give me five minutes" i said and run to our dressing.i'm panting when i reach our first place to take our photo.


Connor's POV

...damn courtney is so beautiful in her dress."are we ready?" photographer ask."i think we are" i answer him."good places everybody" photographer said.while where in the middle of the photoshoot the flowe i order arrive.i see courtney and tyra face shock."i'm looking for miss courtney anderson?" delivery man ask."i'm over here" courtney answer.she look so surprise."who order it sir?" courtney ask."we didn't know because he didn't said he's name" delivery man answer.i smile because courtney smell the flowers after she signed the paper."oh!thank you sir" courtney said politely.the delivery man smile."is there a card courtney?" tyra ask."yes but it's only said "FOR MY BEAUTIFUL PRINCESS WHO CAPTURED MY HEART EVERY SECOND, EVERY MINUTE AND EVERY HOUR" courtney answer."maybe harry order it for you" tyra add."no it can't be because harry knows my favorite flower is sunflower" courtney ask.i was so sad knowing courtney didn't like roses."but red roses is so beautiful and smell so good" courtney face glow and said " lets go back to work" i said *smile*.i'm glad i surprise  her.i smile the whole time in our photoshoot.i didn't know brad was looking to me and stare at me all the time.


...courtney still can't believe someone will surprise her like this.she's thinking who will be sending it?harry never send her red roses.while connor falling so fast in courtney's beauty and brad he is falling in love too to courtney?'find out next guys...sorry for late update i'm so busy in my school.thanks for continuing reading my god be the glory.godbless us all

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