Always the bestfriend but never The Girlfriend

this is a story about two classmate became bestfriend in school.the one is strong and the one always bullied in school because of being nerd.what will happen if they meet.


14. Recovery for Harry

...after her class courtney went to the hospital to check harry's condition.she don't care if anne and gemma blame her for harry's condition right now.but what courtney is not know harry is feeling better and looking for her and missing her so much.after she know that she is perfect she get to her car and drive to the hospital were harry is.


Courtney's POV

...i park my car and go down.i get the fruits i will give to harry.she feel nervous coming into the hospital.i knock on the door and liam open the door."courtney what a surprise" liam said."mate look who's here to see you?" liam ask harry."who?" harry answer and ask too."your girlfriend" liam answer."baby come here" harry said."hi baby how are you?" i ask."i'm fine now that your here" harry answer."hi good morning i'm Courtney Anderson" i introduce myself to harry's mom and sister."and she my girlfriend" harry add."you forget to say that baby" harry said."finally i met you courtney" mrs.styles said."me too courtney nice meeting you" gemma said."i'm glad to i meet the two special women in harry's life"i said."but i feel not because your already there" mrs.styles said."oh i'm joking only courtney" mrs.styles add."come here courtney" gemma said."gem what are you planning to do?" harry ask."shut up harold" gemma answer.then gemma hug me and say "thanks for loving my brother" gemma said."and thank you for accepting me us hes girlfriend" i said."can i steal my girlfriend now?" harry ask."of course baby" i said and come closer to him."you pay for this mess you get me when i get home" harry whisper."shut up harold" i said."what you call me?" harry ask again."i said baby shut up maybe they hear you" i answer and smile to him.i thank god because harry is okay.i hope he will get home now.


.....then the doctor come and check harry.the doctor said it's okay to harry if he gets home and he will rest for hes fast recovery.the doctor give him medicine and advise that he not go in the concert until hes doing well.courtney will be hes personal nurse.harry will go home with courtney.while hes mom and sister will go back in their house.harry gets home and it's been two weeks since the incident.harry planning to propose to courtney.he plan it with hes mates.but before that they have to visit in the hospital and check harry if hes okay to work and go to concert.then the doctor said yes it's okay for harry to work.

....harry start hes rehearsal and plan his proposal to courtney.he will do it on their concert and he will use hes mates and ask their help for this proposal.harry know that it's been early for this but he don't want to lose courtney.he loves courtney so much.harry pray courtney say yes to him.


...what do you think courtney's reaction if harry propose to her?find and check it on my next my chapter....thanks a you guys.....godbless us all

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