Always the bestfriend but never The Girlfriend

this is a story about two classmate became bestfriend in school.the one is strong and the one always bullied in school because of being nerd.what will happen if they meet.


1. Prolugue

.....Courtney Anderson is the most popular in the university that she's been attending.she is the campus girl.she have a strong personality and always top one on class.while Liam Payne is opposite his band is popular but his nerd that's what his classmate call him because of the eyeglasses his wearing.the two will became bestfriend.just find out in their story.


Liam's POV

...i'm late for my first subject.i'm walking when somebody bump at me.but she didn't bother to look at me and say sorry.i pick up my things."mate what are you doing down there?" harry ask."thanks to that girl i'm late for our first subject" liam pointing to the girl who was walking upstairs."you don't know her?" harry ask."no and i don't care" i said."lets go mate were late" i add."okay" harry said."Mr.Payne and Mr.Styles your late" my professor said."were sorry sir" i said."you may seat next to miss anderson mr.payne and mr.styles just go to your sit" my professor said."your lucky mate because your seat mate to miss anderson" harry whisper to me."oh just get lost mate" i said.while i'm going to my chair where i will be seated i see the girl was looking at me.when i seated i ask her."there's something in my face young lady?" i ask."nothing i just wanted to say sorry earlier" courtney said."oh it's okay at least you say your sorry" i said."thank you i just in a hurry because i don't want to be late" courtney said."so am i" i said."by the way it's courtney anderson and your are?" courtney introduce herself at the same time asking my name."nice meeting you courtney and i'm liam james payne" i said.then we heard our professor speaking about our lesson for today.i see courtney listening attentively so i do the same.


Courtney's POV

...i find liam attracted to me.but why his hiding is handsome face to those eyeglasses.i want to be friend with's familiar for i know i see him somewhere.but i'm not sure.why hhis friends with harry?it's sound interesting to me.i'm gonna find out what your hiding liam."hey courtney want to have snack time with me?" liam ask."some other time liam" i said."need to do something important" i add.i see liam's face when i rejected him.our class is already dismiss.i see my boyfriend outside.his name is Joe Jonas."hi babe sorry for your waiting" i said."it's okay your worth it to wait" joe said."lets go" joe add."wait liam come here" i call.then i see himwith hid friend harry."i want you to meet my boyfriend joe jonas" i said."nice meeting you mate" harry and liam said."nice meeting you too harry and liam" joe said."we gotta go we need to catch up his show in less than a minute" i said."look at the way joe hold courtney" harry said to liam."oh if i care mate" liam said."just lets go we have rehearsal to attend to'" liam add.then joe wrap his hand around my waist."hey babe i see liam is looking at you all the time" joe ask."babe don't worry your my one only okay" i said."i know that" joe said.then when we get near at car of joe."wait babe where my things?" i ask."what things?"joe ask too."my books and notes for our lesson tomorrow" i said."just give me a second and sorry babe" i said."hey it's okay go now" joe said."thank you"i said and give him a kiss."no i don't want like that" joe said."babe just do it later okay" i said."promise" joe ask."promise whatever you want babe" i said.when i going down to our classroom i didn't notice liam was following me.


Liam's POV

...i see courtney was going back to our classroom.i see her things so i pick them and give it to her.but i see her busy minding his boyfriend.when i don't see joe i decide to call her."hey courtney wait up" i call her."yes liam" courtney said."here's your books and notes" i said and handling her things to her."oh thank you liam" courtney."you owe me one" i said."yes and what can i do to repay you?" courtney ask."how about join me in my rehearsal on saturday" i said."i just check on my schedule liam" courtney said."okay i just text you joe is waiting for me" courtney add."here's my #" courtney give her number to me."thanks courtney i just text you later" i said."okay just put your name" courtney said."bye" i said."see you tomorrow" courtney said.then i go back where is harry is.i text you later courtney.i make sure you woulg go out with me.


Courtney's POV

..."babe i'm sorry for the delayed" i said."it's okay now it's pay back time" joe said."wait why are you trying to do?" i ask.and before i knew joe kiss me in the passionate way.he grab me and wrap his arms around my waist and kiss me like there's no tomorrow."mate look at that"harry pointing at us."i just get going mate" liam said."babe that's enough were late for your show" i said."i don't care your here with me that's the matter" joe said.i glare at him."okay lets go but we continue it later" joe said."yes babe promise" i said."i love you babe" joe said."i love you too" i said.he open the door for me.i get inside and see liam and harry outside walking."babe can you open up" i said."okay" joe said."hey liam why are you walking?" i ask."our car is dead we park it at university and take it for tomorrow in auto shop and check if anything is wrong" liam said."need a ride?" i ask again."oh no were okay" liam said."we need it courtney" harry said."babe it's okay?" i ask joe."of course babe" joe said."it's okay with joe" i said."just hop in" i said.then harry open the door at the back in get inside."were are you two heading?" joe ask."in our house" liam answer."but we can go down in the mid section of the street and ride a cab" liam add."okay then" joe said."babe need to dress for your show" i said."no babe your beautiful no matter what your wearing" joe said." oh babe your so sweet" i said.then joe hold me in the legs and i hold his hand.joe doing that if there's people around us or not.his relax if he doing it.


Liam's POV

...damn joe is getting in my nerve how courtney allow what his boyfriend doing to her."mate do you what i see?" harry ask."of course i'm not blind" i said."joe is lucky to have courtney as his girlfriend" harry whisper."stop it mate maybe they hear us" i said."are you okay there you two?" courtney ask."yes courtney were okay" harry said."just stop the car after this street our house is near here" liam add."okay liam" courtney said."babe what is the show?" courtney ask joe."just less than a minute" joe answer."hey harry your one of the one direction band right?" courtney ask."yes and why did you ask?" harry ask too."oh my joe here gets jealous if he know" courtney said."babe what is that?" joe ask."don't worry babe it's just i had a crush on liam payne" courtney said."i know babe i'm just joking" joe said."your having a crush on liam payne?" liam ask."yes i hope one day i meet him" courtney add."it's weird because your have the same name and maiden name" courtney said."no my whole name is liam james payne" i said."oh okay" courtney said."were here guys" joe said.i open the door and were get down on the street."thank you joe for the ride" i said."it's nothing i will do anything to my precious courtney" joe said."thanks courtney" i said."thanks to both of you" harry said."okay we better leave my joe have a show i don't want him to be late" courtney said."okay i know our band is going there maybe is your chance to meet liam payne" harry said."oh no kidding harry" courtney ask."yes see you there" harry add."okay bye" courtney said."liam did you hear courtney said she's having a crush on you mate" harry said in excitement."i hear it" i said."lets go were be late going there" i add.



......then liam payne and harry go to the show.poor courtney she doesn't know that his classmate liam james payne is her crush.but why liam disguise his self in university?can he possibly fall in love with courtney?what about courtney's boyfriend?does joe loyal to courtney or just using courtney to his publicity?there all be in the show later.what will happen?find out in my nest chapter.

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