Always the bestfriend but never The Girlfriend

this is a story about two classmate became bestfriend in school.the one is strong and the one always bullied in school because of being nerd.what will happen if they meet.


12. Misunderstanding ( Harry and Courtney )

....harry decide to surprise courtney so he didn't text or call courtney.but when harry gets to the party he see that courtney is dancing to a guy.harry hurts and walk away and get back to his car.but harry decide to go back and hit the boy who was dancing with courtney.


Courtney's POV

...."harry why did you do that?" i ask."can't you see hes flirting with you or you didn't see because your enjoying it" harry said.i slap him and say "do you think i'm a type of girl doing that?" i ask.i didn't wait for him to answer i walk away and run into the beach.i don't care if people see me cry."courtney wait i'm sorry okay" harry said.but i never look back i continue to walk away from him.but harry continue to follow me and hes so past and he garb me and face me to him."i said i'm sorry" harry said."you didn't even know who that guy is" i said."you just hit him and ask me?" i add."okay who is that guy anyway?" harry ask."hes my cousin" i said."what? but the way he dance with you" harry said."were like that since were just a kid" i said."and all my cousin i was close to him hes like my brother" i add."can i say my sorry?' harry ask."i'm not sure" i answer."baby please help me" harry said."okay in one condition" i said."what is that?" harry ask."we swim later but your only wearing a trunks" i said."baby don't be like that" harry said."okay fine" i said."okay i wear it" harry said."that's my baby" i said."lets go back to the party" i said.then we see my cousin Zach Anderson."hey zach" i said."courtney are you okay?" zach ask."yes zach" i answer."you why did you hit me?" zach ask."i'm sorry mate" harry asnwer."mate?" zach ask."yes he call hes new meet friend like that,by the way this my boyfriend harry" i introduce harry to zach."and harry this my cousin Zach Anderson" i said.they shake hands."so can we forget what happen earlier?" harry ask."sure bro for my cousin sake" zach answer."zach" i call him."okay i give up,lets forget it" zach said."thanks cousin your the best" i said.then we go to our table.


Harry's POV

.....damn i feel jealous everytime courtney and zach attached to each others.i don't want what i'm feeling inside my heart.relax harry zach is her cousin."baby over here" courtney waving at me.then courtney whisper to me "baby don't forget our deal" courtney said and giggle."okay baby but can we do it when all the people is gone?" i ask."okay we do it later baby?" courtney answer.then i see zach was looking at us.i know something in you zach.i will watch your actions.maybe your a threat to our relationships."baby what do you want?" courtney ask."i'm okay my princess" i said."drink?" zach ask."i'm okay with wine dude" harry answer."okay wait me here i get some for us" zach said."baby are you sure hes your cousin?" i ask."yes baby" courtney said."come on lets dance" courtney said and grabbing my me on the dance floor."baby i'm not a quiet dancer" i said."it's okay baby just feel the music" courtney said."okay baby" i said.then the music turn to sweet music so i put my arm at courtney's waist and courtney put her arm in my shoulders."i love you my princess i will never hurt you" i said."don't promise me that because joe did the same thing you said to me,just do it baby" courtney said."okay" i said.then we continue to dance until the music is done.i'm afraid if i let go to courtney zach will dance her."baby i think we should go" courtney said."why baby is there anything wrong with you?' i ask."nothing i'm tired" courtney answer."okay wait me here i said my goodbye to the newlyweds" courtney add." okay baby" i said.then i see courtney going to her friends.i seat at the zach side."hey man don't you think that were okay, i won't forgive you and if you hurt my cousin i will rip you apart understand" zach said."i don't like you there are so many bad news about that i hear" zach add."so you watching me congrats zach need my autograph" i tease."don't try my patient mr.styles" zach said.then we see courtney going back to our table."lets go baby" courtney said."bye zach" courtney said to zach and kiss him."bye take care and call me okay" zach answer."yes i promise okay" courtney said."bye zach we go ahead we need to rest because my princes is so tired right baby" i'm looking to courtney."yes baby can you sleep in my house?" courtney."yes baby" i answer and smile at zach way."bye mate see you around i guess" i said.we didn't wait to zach answer.we get to my car and go to courtney's house.


......they get to courtney's house and harry see courtney is sleepinng.he carry courtney and bring her to her room.harry will not allow zach to ruin or break his relationship to courtney.he will do anything to make zach out of their relationships.

....guys find out what will zach role in courtney's life.ZACHARY ANDERSON IS MY FAVORITE guys i'm sorry if i bring him in the you and i'm not stop to thank you for reading my story.



                                                  "LITTLE WHITE LIES"

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