Always the bestfriend but never The Girlfriend

this is a story about two classmate became bestfriend in school.the one is strong and the one always bullied in school because of being nerd.what will happen if they meet.


24. Hospital (Courtney)

harry go to the location where courtney do the photosshoot to see connor but in disappointment connor and his bandmates are gone.harry cursed and frustrated because he didn't find connor.he asked the people who are still there but they didn't know.harry shout and promised that he will never get over for what connor did to his fiancee.harrty then decide to go back to the hospital and while on his way he called his bandmates to tell the what happened to courtney.



Harry POV's

....when i arrived at the hospital my mates are there.i asked liam how's courtney mate.but he didn't i got worried again. but then louis said "we don't know the doctor still cleaning her stabs" louis answer. *closing fist so hard*."relax mate" niall said *hold his hand*."how can i relax?" i shout."when my fiancee is inside and i don't know if she's okay" i add *sad face*."did you find connor?" zayn asked."no, but i will after i checked on courtney" i answer."damn that man i will never forgive him" i add *closing my fist*.then we didn't noticed the doctor is walking towards us."the patient is safe now, if anything happen just call me" Dr. String."glad to help Mr. Styles right" Dr. String add."yes doctor, thank you so much" i said *shake hands*."i will go now i have a operation to do" Dr. String bid his goodbye."go and see her now mate" niall said *pushing me*.i open the door and see courtney is still sleeping.i run quickly beside her and hold her hand."i'm sorry if i doubt you earlier my princess" i whisper *tears forming in my eyes*."hope that your okay and be awake, i'm hurting seeing you like this" i add."mate she'll be okay" niall said *patting my back*."damn you connor!" i cursed."mate slow down do you think courtney will be happy hearing that?" liam aasked."liam is right mate" louis agreed."but if i le---" i cut my sentence when courtney's hand is moved."babe where am i?" courtney asked *hold her arm*." we're in the hospital baby" i answer *kiss her forehead*."what do you want?" i asked."are you okay?" i asked again."how you feeling?" i asked."woah! relax mate" liam interrupt me."i'm okay babe" courtney answer."are you hungry courtney?" niall asked.then we look at niall and we all laugh.


Liam POV's

....i know my mate (harry) will never get over with this.even if he tell and act that his okay i know his not.he revenge at connor in any possible way.what did you do connor?why harry is so angry at you?niall and louis decide to buy some foods and fruits for courtney.while harry and zayn we didn't know where they are.harry told us he will go home and changed and get some clothes for courtney.but it's been three hours they still not here.courtney is worried now."here courtney" niall handling some fruits to her."thanks niall" courtney said *smile*.but courtney didn't eat the fruits."hey *pull her closer to me* harry is okay.just eat so you will be okay and discharged by tomorrow" i said.courtney hug me and damn!here i go again my heart is beating so loud and fast.i thought i was over with her.but what am i feeling right now?oh! liam don't be like that, you know courtney and your mate (harry) are don't want to hurt harry don't you?oh!now i'm talking to myself like a crazy idiot.i see zayn panting and we all look at him.are eyes are asking where is harry and what happened to them?."hi mates missed me?" zayn asked *laugh*."are you okay?" louis asked too."here's the water" louis add."thank you" zayn answer *drink the water.we are all waiting for zayn to tell us where the hell is harry?but zayn still silent and don't want to talked.


Courtney POV"s 

...."zayn where's harry?" i asked *worried face*."here i am baby, missed me already?' harry *panting*.harry walks closer to me."can you take your hands off on my girl mate?" harry ask *dead look*."oh!sorry i'm just comforting her because she's so worried about you" liam answer."relax okay i will not st----" i cut liam sentence."can you just relax harry" i said.i see harry's reaction."what did you called me?" harry asked in angry voice."leave us alone now!" harry shout."i said now!"harry shout again."mate relax your scaring courtney" zayn advice."just leave!" harry shout.i look at liam because i'm so scared."don't do anything stupid harry" liam said before he leave.harry locked the door."now what the hell did you called me awhile ago?" harry raised his voice."h-harry" i answer *nervous*.harry walks closer to we're face to face."you want me to punish you for what you did baby?" harry asked *smirk*."oh!want punishment do i have to do babe?" i dared him."are you trying me baby?" harry said *winks*.i was about to answer when harry kissed me passionately.damn!this man for doing this to me.he knows my weakness.i wrap my arms around him and kissed him back.harry's hand is moving before we forgot that were in the hospital i talked "babe were in the hospital remember?" i asked.harry stop and "opps, sorry baby.where is my manner" harry answer *smile*.he hugs me so tight "i missed your body" harry whisper.i don't know but i can feel my face it's heating because of what harry told me.harry walks on the door and open it.but the four fell on the ground."what the hell mates!" harry cursed.i laugh to what i see.these five boys surely be part of my life especially liam and harry.i can't wait to marry you harry *smile*.



what happen to harry and zayn?what did they do?hmmm lets find out on my next is something about connor?oh just find out guys.thank you for continuing reading my go be the glory.godbless us all

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