Always the bestfriend but never The Girlfriend

this is a story about two classmate became bestfriend in school.the one is strong and the one always bullied in school because of being nerd.what will happen if they meet.


23. Fight Scene

..after their photoshoot courtney call harry and say that their photoshoot is done.she was about to go to her dressing room when connor grab her and the next thing she know is connor hugging her and kissing her.courtney fight for it but connor is so strong.


Connor's POV

...i didn't control myself for doing it to her."let me go connor" courtney said.but i'm deaf and didn't hear what she's saying."coonor please i'm begging you" courtney in a soft voice.i shut her mouth through my kiss.that's when harry came and see."what this?" harry i ask."baby i can explain" courtney said *crying*."i was about to go to my dressing room when he grab me and he force to kiss me" courtney explain *continue to cry*."that's not true" i said."don't lie connor" courtney said."i'm not lying harry" i said *nervous*."how dare you" harry said *punch me*."what you think i believe you over my fiance?" harry ask."no one will steal her from me remember that" harry add.they we're about to walk away when i grab harry and punch him too.harry fell from the ground and he fight me back.we heard courtney begging us to stop but we didn't i see courtney run and ask for help.i heard her shouting."please help me harry and connor are fighting" courtney said over panting."what?" brad ask."come follow me" courtney answer."what happened?" james ask too."i tell later okay lets just go there because maybe my fiance is getting hurt by your psycho band mate" courtney answer."what did he do to you?" brad ask."he grab me and he force to kiss me that's why harry is so angry" courtney answer.brad hold me while tristan hold harry."touch my fiance again i will kill you" harry said.then he grab courtney and they walk away.

Harry's POV

...i was so frustrated to see that scene earlier."baby i'm sorry" courtney said."you don't have to say that babe" i answer."it's not your fault okay" i add.then i open the front door of my car and courtney sit there.i close and go to the other side of my car.i start the engine and drove away.i'm still thinking what connor said's still rewinding in my mind.i see courtney is sleeping.what are you thinking harry?courtney will not do that to you?you know her and beside connor is like courtney's ex he will ruin your relationship.then suddenly i stop the car because i see courtney's arm is bleeding.oh!shit i wake her up but she's not waking up.i drove so fasst to get courtney in the hospital.all my hesitation is gone and the bad thing i'm thinking about her is gone too.i carry her and shout.i don't care if people around me is looking at me."can somebody check my fiance" i shout."please she need a doctor now" i add *crying*."why don't you move?" i shout to the people looking at me."sorry sir" nurse said. "what happen to the patient?" nurse ask."someone attack her while on work" i answer."okay i check her vital sign" nurse said."where's the doctor?" i ask."he will be here any minute sir" nurse answer.while the nurse gone away i hold courtney's hand."please be okay babe" i said *crying*.your pay for this connor we're not done yet.then i said to the nurse."can you check my fiance for me?" i ask *wiping my tears*."yes sir" nurse said."thanks" i said.i'm drove away where i can find connor.


...connor didn't know what is waiting for him.harry look so angry.he doesn't want to see courtney's hurt by other.harry drive so fast like nothing other driving in the road.while in the hospital courtney's being check by a instructed to the nurse to clean her wounds.harry is so worried to courtney but he needs to do this or else connor will do it all over again.



sorry guys for the late update....but anyway thanks for reading my story...hope you will never gets bored

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