Always the bestfriend but never The Girlfriend

this is a story about two classmate became bestfriend in school.the one is strong and the one always bullied in school because of being nerd.what will happen if they meet.


5. Courtney's Moving (new house) the one direction and courtney went to nando's to eat their dinner there,after eating dinner the four boys go to their own house.while courtney and liam go to courtney's house and sleep there one more night.when there going home liam see courtney is asleep.he just focus on the road.he just awake courtney if there already in courtney's house.liam stop the car and look at courtney.she was beautiful even in her could joe let this beautiful lady suffer and break her heart.liam then start the car and go home.


Liam's POV

....i wish i wait for you courtney.liam is looking to courtney when he get to courtney's house.he didn't wake courtney because he want to look more minutes on courtney's least were bestfriend.we know each others secret but you will never know that i love you.first time i saw you in school i know there's different in my heart that been longing to have you.then i decide to wake her up."mine wake up" i said."mine were are we?" courtney ask."were here in your house" i answer."okay c'mon lets go inside it's cold here" courtney said.then i hadn't control myself i hug her."hey mine what are you doing?" courtney ask."i'm sorry mine" i said in apologetic way."it's okay mine" courtney said."lets go" i said."we have a long day tomorrow" courtney said."yes i know" i said.then we go upstairs and go to her room.she go to the bathroom and make a quick shower.then she ask me if i want to go to shower.i said no because i don't have a clothes to change."just go and make some shower" courtney said."okay mine" i said."here mine" courtney handling the clothes that i be using."were did you get it?" i ask."it's joe's clothes" courtney said."no mine i'm okay" i said."why it's okay mine?" courtney said." there's no way i'm using your ex clothes" i said."mine look at me i'm okay you don't need to worry" courtney said."okay you win this time mine" i said."thanks mine" courtney said.then i go to the bathroom and go to the shower.when i'm finish i see courtney is sleeping.she must be tired.i lay down on her side and sleep too.


.....early in the morning courtney wake up and see laim is sleeping in her sidde.courtney look at liam still sleeping.she decide to pack the others things that she wiil be needing in her new house.but before courtney do that.she boil a water for if liam is awake he will make some coffee.then she hear a car that coming into her garage.she see harry.then harry come to the door and knock.he see courtney is awake.courtney happy because harry is here finally there's one person who help her to finishing packing.


Courtney's POV

...."harry why are you so early?" i ask."what will i say to courtney?" harry said in the back of his mind."harry i'm asking you?" i said."oh i just want to make sure you finish packing but i guess there's so many things that will be packing" harry said."yes lets go" i said."yes but before that can i ask you something?" harry ask."yes harry what is that?" i answer."i know you just finish in break up but can i court you?" harry ask.i'm shock to harry's question."but if your not ready i'm wiling to wait for the right time" harry said.i can't believe it harry styles is just confessing his feelings at me."first time i saw you on the school i have a secret feelings for you but your so far away to get and heard that you had a boyfriend so i keep my distance to you" harry explain."thank you harry for your honesty but are you serious your willing to wait?" i ask."yes courtney" harry said."then it's a yes harry i'm willing to give you a chance to court me" i said."yes thanks courtney" harry said and hug me."what is the meaning of this?" liam ask."guess what mate courtney give me a chance to court her" harry answer."is this true mine?" liam ask me."yes mine" i said."okay but if you hurt my bestfriend mate i rip you apart" liam said."oh mine harry will never do that" i said and holding liam on the back and hug him."i know but i don't want to see you again hurt and depressed" liam said and hug me too and face at me.i didn't notice harry face's when lima and me doing it in front of him.we hug each other tight."mine i can't breath" i said to liam."i'm sorry mine"liam said."wait mate did you sleep here?" harry ask."yes harry he slept here last night" i said.then liam wrap his arm around my waist and we go to the kitchen."lets go harry" i said."okay" harry said.then i make three coffee and give the other one to harry."how it is mine?" i ask liam."it's really delicious mine" liam answer."how about you harry?" i ask."i agree to my mate" harry said."thanks" i said.then i go upstairs and pack the importants things there.but before i make out to the kitchen liam grabs my hand and i seat to his lap."mine need to go upstairs i finish packing there" i said."just stay here were doing it together" liam said."okay mine" i said.i didn't bother to get up.i seat to liam's lap until we finish our coffee.


Harry's POV

....damn what my mate doing to courtney make me feel jealous.but harry they only bestfriends don't be afraid beside your mate (liam) has a girlfriend.beside  courtney giving you a chance to court prove to her that your worth it to love.but if my mate (liam) is always here how can i show courtney my love? "hey courtney if we finish moved all the things in your new house can we go out?" i ask.'"yes harry" courtney said."okay lets do it" i said."yes lets do it" courtney said."cmon harry" courtney said and hold my hand."mine come here" liam said."what is that mine?" courtney."i just put ponytail on your hair to make you feel comfortable" liam said."okay mine your so sweet" courtney said and kiss liam on the cheeks.damn i get jealous of courtney's action to my mate (liam)."can i go now m.payne?" courtney ask liam."yes my princess" liam answer."thanks my prince" courtney said and they both laughing."lets go courtney" i said."okay" courtney said.then me and courtney go upstairs.we pack only what important things she will be using."courtney are you alwayys like this?" i ask."sorry harry i didn't get you?" courtney ask too."i mean you and my mate (liam)?" i ask."yeah harry, liam is a sweet person, shopia is lucky to have hin in her life" courtney said."okay" i said.then we finish packing upstairs and we go down all the things we packed so when the my lads are here.they just carry all the box into the car and go in courtney's new house.


Liam's POV

....when my mate (harry) and courtney is going down i grab courtney's arms and pull me her in to my lap."hey mine what is this?" courtney ask."i miss you mine" i said."but mine we have a lots to do" courtney said."please can i stay in your house?" i ask."of course mine you stay as long as you want" courtney said."how about me courtney?" harry ask."yes but i only prefer my bestfriend to stay long there" courtney said."what?why my mate (liam) is staying long but me is not allowed?" harry ask."because we know each others secrets" courtney said."i'm jealous what if you and me ended in a relationship?" harry ask.then i see courtney  coming near at my mate (harry) "if that happen mr.styles you don't have to be jealous because were only bestfriends" courtney said."yes mate don't worry okay" i said."come here courtney' harry pull courtney close to him."hey harry that's foul" courtney said."i know but i want to get close to you every second of my life" harry said."okay harry" courtney said."that's enough mine we have to finish our packing so when my lads is here we just get all the box in the car" i said. "okay mine" courtney said. then i see my lads when were almost done packing courtney's things.


Courtney's POV

....."your in time boys.were almost done packing" i said.then the boys get all the box and carry them into their cars.but there just few box left so they have to go back and get all the box in my new house and decorate it."mine you should go i will stay i forgot something beside there's few box left need to see no one will get here" i said.'no minei stay with you" liam said."i'm okay mine don't worry" i said."okay we will get fast as we can" liam said."okay i wait you here" i sid.then harry and niall is the first left the house then zayn and louis last liam.i went inside the house ang go upstairs.i forgot my picture and liam.i get it and go down stairs.i wait to the boys in the couch.i don't know i fall asleep.i just awake to the shout of liam.'"what happen here?" i ask and rub my eyes."there someone who get inside and touch your face" liam said.then i see the boys running and chasing the person who just get inside my house."i'm sorry mine i didn't know it" i said."i told you to get inside and lock the door" liam said.i'm crying when liam gets mad at me.i came to him and hug him."i said i'm sorry, i'm just tired" i said."it's okay stop crying i don't want to see you crying" liam said while rubbing my back."your not mad at me?" i ask."no mine it's not your fault" liam said."do you know who it is?" harry ask."no" i said."i know it's her ex joe" liam answer.'what?why?" louis ask."because she loves courtney" zayn said."then we should watch courtney every second" niall suggested."wait guys i can protect myself you don't need to watch me every second okay" i said."no my mate (niall) is right" liam agreed."just get the box on the car and lets go" i said.these boys getting in my nerves."your driving alone?" liam ask."yes and why not mine?" i ask too."i have my own car" i add."no mine i'm driving, mate (zayn) can you drive my car?" liam ask."of course" zayn answer." hop inmine" liam said.i get to the car and silent the whole trip.i just don't get it they just doing me like i'm just a little girl.then we arrive at my new house.i get to the car and came to harry."harry please i'm begging you say to liam that i'm not a kid anymore" i said."i'm sorry courtney his our daddy directioners" harry."fine" i said and snubbed him."hey courtney wait up" harry shout.i pretend that i did not hear harry's calling."what happen to courtney?" liam ask."it's your fault mate" harry said."because of you courtney gets mad at me" harry add."why?what did i do?" liam ask."she said she's not a kid to watch every second of her life" harry answer."but i'm worried mate, you know what joe is capable to do with courtney" liam said."i know mate" harry said."now just get the box and we start to decorate and palce all the things that courtney have in the box" liam said."i wish joe never follow us and see new courtney's place" liam add."just try joe touch courtney i swear i punch him and his face" harry said."hey stop that okay" i said."your not mad at me courtney?" harry ask."i'm not anymore i get mine opinion" i said."i'm sorry mine" i said and hug him."it's okay mine, you know how much i love you" liam said."yes mine and i love you too" i said."hey stop that and we have a lots work to do" niall said. then we start bringing the things in the box and place where it meant to be.


.....they didn't know joe was following joe know where courtney's new house.joe have paln to do something bad to courtney.liam didn't know what will hit him if joe do that things to courtney.they almost finish decorating the house.courtney just call to deliver a food.she talk to harry that their date will be tomorrow.harry agreed to it.courtney look her new house and she satisfy to what it's been decorate.the boys have a creative mind.

                          this is my room where me and liam decorate and pick our favorite color


....then the food courtney's order just arrive.they stop for a while and eat.they just almost finish decorating the house.only the kitchen have to decorate and they finish.when courtney and liam finish.we decide to put some purple in my kitchen.courtney's living room have a touch of purple too.

                                                        my beautiful living room

                                                                 this is my kitchen


.....when courtney and the boys finish the decorating and cleaning to the house.they rest and liam and courtney go upstairs and go to courtney's room.they lay down on the bed and rest there.they fall asleep.they hug each other.harry then decide to go upstaiors and call his mate (liam).harry shock because of what he see.liam and courtney just hug and sleeping in ome bed.haryy feel jealous of what liam and courtney's have.can harry fight for her feeling to courtney?then harry go down and tell his mate that his (liam) is asleep and tell his mates that they should go.they lock the door and drive then leave the house.


......thanks for all my's mean a lot to you my story or comment thanks.godbless us all

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