Always the bestfriend but never The Girlfriend

this is a story about two classmate became bestfriend in school.the one is strong and the one always bullied in school because of being nerd.what will happen if they meet.


19. Beach

...courtney fall asleep while they going on the beach.she's awake by her phone because it's ringing.harry is waking up courtney to answer her phone but he guess courtney is so tired.he decide to answer the call and talk to the caller.i stop the car and swipe the the answer button.i'm still driving in the middle of the street and i don't want to bump into another car because courtney is here at my side.


Harry's POV

...."hey what took you so long to answer the phone" the girl said."hello who's this?" i ask."this trixie courtney's bestfriend" the girl answer."sorry but courtney is sleeping can you call latert?" i ask."okay thanks and who's this please?" trixie ask."i'm hes fiancee harry" i answer."okay tell her i called and call me back" trixie said."yes of course" i said."bye" i add and hung courtney's phone.i didn't know this girl courtney never tell me about her.then i start driving less than a minute we are here in the beach.but courtney is still sleeping so i wake her up."baby were here" i said."oh baby i'm sorry, how long i have been sleeping?" courtney ask."it's okay i know your tired" i said."thanks baby" courtney said and kiss me so i kiss her back with passion.i want to stop but courtney still kissing me she don't care if there's so many people around."sorry baby i missed you so much" courtney explain."i see" i said."lets go for a swim" i said."okay" courtney agreed."but first we need to change" i said."yes we are" courtney agreed again.then we go to our room and change.

                                                      this courtney's wearing when they go swimming 

                                                                          and this harry's wearing


Courtney's POV

....i'm drooling when i see harry walking over me."hey babe" harry said."hey are you okay?" harry ask."oh sorry babe" i answer."i'm okay i think" i add."i think were ready" harry said."yes but can you put your t-shirt on i don't want all the girls following us and chasing us" i explain."yes my princess but don't worry your my one and only love" harry said."yeah i know babe" i said.then we go to the beach when someone grab me.harry is shock because when we see it it's ex."let her go joe" harry said."your so sexy courtney" joe said.then harry punch him."babe stop it's not worth it" i said."don't touch my fiancee again or i will kill you" harry said."lets go babe" i said."were not finish harry" joe said."don't let courtney stay away in your sight" joe add."oh don't worry i will not let you come closer to her again" harry answer."that's enough both of you" i said."joe please let me live in peace with my future husband" i beg to joe."but i love you and i want you back my baby" joe answer."but i don't love you anymore joe" i explain."harry is my life now without him i can't live" i add."okay" joe said but in his mind he said. (so harry is your life now, let see what will you do courtney if i blackmail you.i use harry to get you back)."thanks and friends?" i ask."yes friends" joe shake my hands."we need to go" i said."bye joe" i add."okay see you around" joe said.then i grab harry and go to the beach."what was that?" harry ask."what?" i ask too."friends?" harry ask again."babe don't worry it's only pretend to stop him" i answer."oh i thought your serious about it" harry answer."no of course not i didn't forget what he do to me" i said."i will never forgive him for that" i add."now relax babe we go here to relax" harry said."yeah lets go swimming" i said.then we go to the water and play with harry.i happy with him i will never walk away from you harry.


....i wish they stay like this happy and contented.what will joe paln this time to get courtney back?and harry what will he do to protect courtney?well i hope this gonna be okay and they live in peaceful life.



.........that's it guys hope you like it.....catch my next chapter.....sorry for the late update i've been busy in this past few you all and thanks for continue reading my story.godbless us all 

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