That Feeling

Stuck between the two..... You dream about being withe Niall but you meet the love of you life Michael clifford... you end up touring with 5sos and your three best friends you live the time if your life once you leave school with 7 best friends but does everything become a mistake when they meet their celeb crush will jealousy over come them? What does Kylie do to get Michael back?


1. New chapter



I always did love him, I would do anything for him, just the same way he would do anything for me, that time we had, that time when the pleasure began I will never forget....


"Just sit back, sit back and relax."

I nod my head slowly, as I was leaning against the mattress.

Niall smiles and kisses me softly "I love you baby. I'll be easy okay?"

I bite my lip nodding as I reply "okay."

Niall leans down, kissing me softly, as he said "it'll hurt at first but..."

"I know Niall." I giggled, "it will hurt but I will get use to it."

Niall chuckles lightly, "alright" Niall pushes himself in slowly.

"Ehhh" I groan lightly biting my bottom lip.

"Shh. Shh I know, I know" Niall says, wiping the tears from my cheeks. "It'll be okay soon."

I nod my head grabbing his neck, pulling him close and kissing him softly.

Niall smiles into the kiss and moves slowly.

Finally the pain was going away and the pleasure was there.

"Mm" I moan lightly, pulling away "move baby, please."

Niall nods and goes in and out while leaving soft kisses against my collarbone.

"I love you, baby" I moan as I close my eyes.

"I love you too." Niall replies, moaning softly."so much...."

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