Racing For Your Heart

Katie loves to race. She also happens to be the best Race Car Driver in Canada. What happens when a sertan Niall Horan shows up at the races, and a Cat Gets Curious? (Temporary Cover If I Cant Get A Better One)


6. She Cheated Death


It worked. Well, not for sure. But she did crash



"KATIE!" I screamed



"What the hell!" oh my god



"Hey guys I got some sna- OH MY GOD!" I dropped the box of food.



"Hang on!" I yelled. I ran down to the fence and climbed over. All the cars had now stopped. "Hold on! Everyone clear the way!" I yelled. "It looks like someone is going to help!" I herd a voice. No one else moved. "Someone call 911!" I screamed. I ran to Katie's car. "Katie! Katie are you in there! Can you hear me!" I herd a moan. "She's alive!" I yelled. I pulled her out of the car. "Is she OK?" Louis was now beside me. "Yes." I looked up and saw a cat on the track, it was still alive, but it was scared. "Here." I passed Katie to Louis. "Here kitty kitty." I looked at the cat and t looked back at me. "Meow." It looked terrified. I grabbed the cat and Liam came up to me. "Here. Take it to the hotel. And be careful. The poor thing is shacking." I handed him the cat and he walked away. I saw harry in the bushes. He saw i was looking at him and he started to run. "HARRY!"  I screamed. I chased after him.



Oh crap. Niall saw me. I started to run but I knew Niall was faster. "AHHH" I yelled as he jumped on top of me.



I started to beat Harry. "You monster! You could have killed her! And you could have killed that cat! But mostly, you could have killed Katie!" I was punching as hard as I could. "I know." Harry spat. "What! You mean..." My eyes widened. "Yes Niall, I tried to kill Katie! I hate her! Sh is worthless!" I loosened my grip a little to much and Harry got away. "You are going to pay Harry! YOU WILL PAY!" I screamed. "Niall?" I turned around. Zayn was standing there. "What happened?" I burst into tears. "Harry, he, he tried to kill Katie!" I was crying harder now. "Oh my god! We need to find him! He can't get away with this!" Zayn was shocked. "Is Katie OK?" I asked. "I'm not sure. Let's go see." Zayn half smiled. I sniffled. "OK." I got up and started walking towards the track.

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