Racing For Your Heart

Katie loves to race. She also happens to be the best Race Car Driver in Canada. What happens when a sertan Niall Horan shows up at the races, and a Cat Gets Curious? (Temporary Cover If I Cant Get A Better One)


1. Prologue



Ever since I could walk I loved cars and the idea of going fast. Whenever we were in the car I would pretend I was the driver. As I got closer to the age of five, my father bought me a Dirt Bike. I was so happy I junoed around like a little kid, but then again, I was a little kid. I learned how to ride almost instantly, and thats really when it all started. When I was seven, my mother tought me how to drive. I know it sounds crazy, but she did. I was a natural. My moms last word were 'Never give up, you can win any race you enter. I know it.' She died right infront of my eyes when I was just Ten years old. I knew from then on nothing would keep me from racing, and being the best race car driver to ever live. But I had a problem, I didnt have a car or money to buy one. I kept practiceing with my dads car, knowing I could never drive it in a race. Ob my 12th birthday, I came home from school to find an old car sitting in our drive way, my sweating and greasing father working away. We worked day in day out on that car, and as soon as I knew it, 3 months had passed. My car was done. It was Hot Pink and Neon Yellow. My moms and my favourite colors. Now, I could race. Right before my 13th birthday I nterd a race, for 12 to 16 year olds. I got my dads job to sponsor me, because ever good driver needs a good sponser. It was racing day, and I ready. The man waved the green flag. It was such a rush, if I could re-live it I would. I was in 5th place and we had 14 more laps to go. I started counting down the cars and laps. "Looks like number 15 just passed and is now in 4th place!" I smiled at the mention at my number. "And looks like number 15 just passed two more cars!" I smiled as I went faster. "3 more laps." I whisperd. "And again! number 15 is on a roll! One more spot and she will be in 1st place." I went faster. I saw the checkerd flag. "Unbelievable! Rookie number 15 has just won there first EVER race!" I smiled and jumped out of the car. "Karie how does it feel to have won your first race?" I smiled. "Well its a great feeling really. You slow pokes out there wouldnt understand." I winked and smiled. I knew they saw that wink, because I was on the jumbo-tron. 

Everday it was on the news. I was on the face of all the news papers. "Rookie Katie Rivers does it again!" "Rookie Katie, not so much of a rookie anymore." By the time I was 16, I had won every race I had ever been in, thats 798 races. 798 trophies. 798 more things I wish my mon could have seen. I am now 18, with my 1000th race coming up, I have lots to prepare for. Im flying to New York, to face all the top racers from around the world. I, represent Canada. I hear everyone is bettibg I will win, but this is big, my biggest, race, ever. 

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