good and bad

I believe that the good and the bad are polar opposites two absolutely different genres of soul. That's what I thought then but not what I think now


2. good and bad part 2

Now I had read many book where parents had to leave for a secret reason and I have to say the first part of the note was not any different. The second part of the note was extremely unusual. This is was it said:

Dear, Ellie

We know how confusing this must be, how scared you must be. We understand. Your father and I have left you for your protection. I've left you frozen meals in the fridge and in your dads draw you'll find a gun. Use it wisely and survive.

Now it got weird.

Follow the instructions I've left for you Ellie. I promise you will be safe if you do. Okay make sure to reread this so you won't forget any thing.

1. Make sure to take the meals I left there's reason to be hungry if you have food

2. Make sure no one sees you (that means don't goodbye friend no matter how much you want too)

3. Walk to the biggest tree in Edge Way park and climb it (to the top)

4. Look down an you will see a hidden slide in one of the tree nooks slide down it

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