I See Things Nobody Else Sees

Calums going insane and none of the boys seem to notice until Calum stops _________ and ___________ at one of their concerts.


2. You Are Here Because The Outside World Rejects You

September 9, 2014

Today we have a concert, but I don't know if I should perform because it's my first concert after 2 years and my mind is on 100. 100 as in 100 voices are all saying things at once but one voice can be heard above all. The one that says "Die" "kill Yourself " The one that actually possesses me and takes a cup of my blood everytime. It's never happened in front of the boys well firstly because it started just after our 2 year break and second I am just now seeing the boys so if it does happen I am mentally prepared for them to be afraid of me and label me as abnormal. There it is again. That normal word.

-actual stuff is happening now_

I walk into the dressing room, with a smile on my face, pretending I haven't the slightest care in the world. The guys all rush over to form a group hug with me in the center.

"So, you ready for tonight guys!" Luke asked all off us. There were a chorus of yeah, sure am, and a FUCK YEAH. From Michael of course. I sat down next to Mikey and as I was sitting Mike smacked my bum with a "I see you still hitting those squats" I just glared at him playfully. He laughed and then instantly shot into a conversation about his break and all he did. I didn't listen though, I was caught up in my thoughts and that voice, and the body of the voice standing in the shadow in the corner smirking then disappearing.

"CALUM!" I jumped out of my skin

"Are you ok, what did you see over there."

"Huh? Oh yeah im fine" But im not fine I am going insane and I am going to die.

"5 SECONDS OF SUMMER ON IN 2 MINUTES" came a voice from down the hall. I grabbed my black bass whilst Mikey grabbed his turquoise guitar and Luke grabbed a black guitar, Ashton already his sticks so we left. As we walked down the corrider the screams got louder and louder.

Finally we made to back stage and Ashton walked out on stage, stood on the amp and held his drumsticks in the air. The screams got 10000x louder. Next Michael Luke and I walked out and we started 18.

"I wish that I was 18 do all the things you read in a magazine im not sayin I wanna be Charlie Sheen" and so on

When it wasmy turn to sing I froze up because that same voice whispered in my ear "Its ok sweetie im just going to stop everything in your body it wont hurt I promise" instantly after my chest tightened and I tried gasping for air but it felt as if I was drowning. My eyes rolled back and I fell.


-Lucas's POV-

I watched in horror as Calum fell forward into the crowd. The fans were deathly silent not a sound was heard. Unitl one of the fans holding him up yelled. "HE'S NOT BREATHING" that's when I snapped out of my daze and jumped off stage and tried to make a grab at him but security beat me to it. I heard Ashton yelling at 911 through the phone. (whatever the police number is in America let me know thanks) Soon after 4 people came rushing on stage with a stretcher. Calum is technically dead but I believe in my heart he will come back for us. I hope.


OMG  I am sorry for this awful chapter. but I have an aweomee idea for the next chapter and I even have it saved in my iPad notes. but this chpter is so short and bad because I have so much to do still. I have to write 3 5sos boyxboy oneshots for 3 different people I have think up new ideas for a fanfic on AO3  im trying to get a cake AND malum one shot done for AO3 also BUT if you want a one shot done for any fandom let me know by twitter: CrystalLeviSim1 email:bighair1234@gmail.com archive of our own: Cakequadruplets Google+: Crystal Simmons or kik: imur_bae thanks

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