Want You (Justin Bieber Love Story/ Fanfiction)

Skylar Main is dragged to a Justin Bieber concert by her 11 year old sister. Skylar looks like a fallen angel, but has an aditude of the devil. When Justin sees her in the crowd, he knew he had to have her.


2. Chapter 1

Chapter 1


"MOM!! Tell Amy to stop!" I yelled as I ran away from my 11 year old little sister as she tries to make me listen to a Justin Bieber song.

"Please Sky!!! Just one song." Amy pleaded to me.

"If I was your boyfrie-" My sister tried to sing, but I cut her off.

"No Amy. You know I avoid anything I don't like."

"Fine." She grumbled and walked grumply in her room and slammed the door.

I sighed, happy that my annoying twat of a sister stopped bothering me. I walked to my room and closed the door, jumping on my bed and turning on the tv. I flipped through the channels and stopped at Teen Nick and saw that Degrassi was on.

"Fuck yeah!!" I smiled.

I grabed my laptop from the long, wide night desk beside the right side of my bed and turned it on. Typing in my password to unlock my user on my laptop and typing in my username and password to get in to Twitter.

Going to my notifications and seeing that I got 50 more followers. Damn! Now I had about 450K followers. Yay me. Hehehe, Yay me reminds me of London from Sweet Life On Deck. Yay, yay, no, ok bye.

Just fucking with you, I'm still here as you can tell. I scrolled down and see some hate comments and some positive comments. I smiled at the positive and followed random people who followed me. I logged off of Twitter and went to my Facebook. I saw Jordon, Jerome, Mitch, Ashley, Adam and the rest of team

craft sent me a messgae to play survival on Minecraft.

I replied and typed that We'll join the server together. I guesse I forgot to tell you some important details. I'm a Minecraft/Random Youtuber, a famoues one at that. Not trying to brag, but am proud of my work. If you don't like it then fuck off, ain't nobody go time for that.

I quickly logged into Skype and Minecraft and joined the Skype call. Jordon, Mitch, Jerome, Ashely, Adam, and Dawn were there. I put on my headseat and started to record.

"Wassup doods!! It's Mitch or Bajancanadian, here to bring you a new series of Minecraft Survival. I'm here today with, Skydoesminecraft, Jeromeasf, Thebeautifulnightmare (Me), CaptainSparkles, and Dawnables!!!" He finshed with his introductions and we started to play the game.

We started to wander around when Jerome called me. I started to follow him and almost fell into lava. I started to realize his little trick.

"God damn it Jerome!!! You wanted me to fall!!" I started to hit him.

"No please no." He whined.

The other's burst out laughing and I push Jerome in lava.

"Lava Foreverrrrr!!!" He screame as he dies swimmimg in lava.

"Ok Skylar, I'm gonna come near you, don't hurt me." Jerome pleaded.


"Are we like in teams, or it's everyone for thenselves?" Mitch asked.

"I think we should do teams. Ok team leaders!!" Ashley suggested.

"Ok, Jordon as one team leader and Dawn."

"Ya. Pick your teams.

We all stood infront of Dawn and Jordon when Jordon went first to pick his teammates. I was spinning in a circle when I heard my name being called.

"Yes whores."

"Your on my team." Jordon gloated.

"Oh ya!!" I startsd running to him, but fell in a deep dark hole.

We all started to burst out laughing.

"Can someone help me, I only have half a heart."

"I'll save you!!!" Mitch fell in the hole, but died of the fall.

"Ok wait a second." I jumped from a tall place in the hole and died. I reswamped somwhere close to the others and ran to them until infound them.

"Warning guys, don't step their. It's evil."

"Like a big vagaga" Adam laughed.

I giggled and they started to pick teams.

On Jordon's team it was me, him, Mitch, and Jerome. On Ashley's team it was her, Adam, and Dawn.

~1 hour later~

"That was it for today guys, come back to see part 2!!"

I logged off of Minecraft and edited thr video and posted it on Youtube. I layed in my bed, tired of playing and editinf today and decided to take a little nap. I snuggled in my warm blanket and fell asleep.










I woke up to a knocking at my door. I yawned and stretched my arms in the air and went to open the door. Amy stood there looking super excited.

"Mom and Dad wanna talk to you." she told me.

I nodded and followed her downstairs and saw both of my parents sitting down on the couch in the living room. Amy sat next to mom as I sat on the one seat rocking chair.

"Yes?" Is this a convention or something?

"Me and your mom need you to take Amy to the Dustin Bieber concert." What!!!

"No Dad!!! JUSTIn Bieber!!" Any corrected.

"No Way." I quickly.


"Why can't you or Mom do it?" I asked.

"We both have work and we have to celebrate our annivesary." Dad told

I sighed and thought back to when me and mom went shopping. She was so excited and happy that they were going to have their anniversary.

"Fine. What day is it?"

"Friday!!! That's tommwor." I whined.

Dad sent me a look and I sighed, I nodded and Amy squelled at hugged me. I grumbled, but I was really happy that Amy was happy. Amy was bullied at scho and had depression, so if this helped her, I'll do it, but god





I pulled away and went to my room and started to look through my closet for a outfit. Maybe a hot guy can be there.

Maybe I'll have a good time.





Hahah what am I thinking. I'm going to have a bad god damn time. Fucking shit biscuts.

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