Our Biggest Laughs

Showing a fondness for causing trouble in a playful way.

There has never been a more mischievous girl at Hogwarts. She learns magic, and she's best friends with the other trouble-makers of Hogwarts. Fred and George Weasley. Follow them in their unforgettable journey of jokes, pranks, and friends.


1. Year 1: Hogwarts Express

"Hurry up, Alana! You're going to miss the train!" Mum called. I pushed my trolley through the crowd of muggles to get to the platform. Looking down at my ticket, I didn't understand what platform 9¾ was. I looked at the ticket hard, thinking maybe a secret message would appear. Unfortunately, I was looking where I was going and crashed right into someone. I fell forward onto my face, and looked up. The very same person was stretching their arm out to help me up.

"Thanks. I'm so sorry, I..can be so clumsy." I stammered.

"It's alright. We were just about to leave." He said. I looked around. His entire family had flaming red hair.

"Alana! Are you ready? The train leaves at 11:00!" Mum shrieked, suddenly behind me.

"Yes, I'm sure I have everything." Just as I said it, my wand fell out of my pocket. Me and my mom thought we had just blown the wizarding worlds' secret, but we turned out lucky.

"Are you going to Hogwarts?" The red haired boy asked.

"Yeah, are you?" I asked back.

"Of course, my whole family has, they've all been Gryffindor!" The boy responded excitedly.

"How about you?" I asked.

"I don't know, this is my first year. Oh, I'm Fred Weasley, and this is George." He said, pointing to his identical twin.

"This is my first year too! I'm Alana, if you hadn't heard." I laughed.

"Alana. That's a pretty name. Want to sit with us on the train?" asked Fred. I nodded just as Mrs. Weasley told the twins to go.

"With us?" George asked. I laughed and ran after them, bursting through the wall.

"That was fun." All 3 of us said in unison. We packed our stuff on the train and found an empty compartment. I sat on one side while the twins sat on the other side. My window was open, so I climbed out to wave goodbye. The train started abruptly, jerking forward. I was about to fall out when Fred grabbed the back of my shirt.

Both mothers giggled together, and I was laughing so hard I cried.

"I told you! I'm clumsy." I chuckled. Just then, the food trolley came around.

"Anything from the trolley?" called the trolley witch.

"I'll take a box of Every-Flavor- Beans, please." I asked, politely.

"We'll have 3 pumpkin pasties, 3 Drooble's Gum, and 3 chocolate frogs!" George said. I handed her money for all of it, leaving the twins shocked.

"What?" I asked, seeing their shocked faces.

"You didn't have to buy ALL of it!" They shouted.

"Some of its for me you know." I said, biting into a pumpkin pasty.

"Yes, but still. You didn't have to." Fred said again. I shrugged continuing to eat my sweets. I popped a jelly bean into my mouth and gagged.

"Grass." I choked out.

"Let us try!" They each took one and threw it in their mouths. Fred looked pleased while George looked like he was going to be sick.

"Blueberry Pie." Fred announced.

"Bogey." Said a miserable George. Me and Fred laughed so hard, George looked as if he was going to explode.

"We're almost there. I'm going to change into my school robes." I got up and came back two minutes later in my new outfit. The twins listened to me and changed too, in perfect time for we had just arrived.

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