Bad Horticulture

A despairing girl receives help from her ambitious friend about finding a purpose for life through the power of hobbies. in return the girl uncovers and reveals a secret kept from her friend which ends in less desirable circumstances.


1. Bad Horticulture


Teagan: An optimistic girl determined in finding a positive hobby for her best friend to ace at.

River: Daughter of cancer curing botanists who finds it difficult to be talented at anything.

Seth: Teagan's Fiancé

Police, Woman, Child, Teacher


Scene 1

[Teagan and River sitting at a table in a café River is sad while Teagan looks sympathetic]

River: All my plants are dead.

Teagan: Did you use the fertilizer I said to use?

River: [puts head down on her folded arms that rest on the table] No, I forgot.

Teagan: Oh, well, horticulture isn’t for everyone. Maybe you should stick with something you’re good at?

River: [lifts head] Oh yeah, and become a failure under the Mexz name?

Teagan: You don't have to follow in your parents’ botanical paths.

River: Everyone expects me to! I expect me to! They expect me to!

Teagan: They just have to realize that not all of their children can be super smart cancer curers.

River: [drops head] I’m a failure.

Teagan: No you’re not. Become a biologist or zoologist or vet! That’s similar!

River: Every animal left under my care has died.

Teagan: Uhm, geologist?

River: I'm allergic to rocks.

Teagan: Really? Okay, uhm…

River: It's useless

Teagan: Not so. Only if you allow it to be useless.

River: I do.

Teagan: [sighs] I give up.

River: [sobs] I'm useless!

Teagan: [sighs, slumps into chair, and then looks at watch] I have to go. Meet me outside your house Later and we’ll reevaluate your destiny.

River: That’s useless

Teagan: We’ll see about that.

[River mumbles something incoherent. Teagan sighs again grabs her bag and leaves]

Scene 2

[Teagan stands by her car outside Rivers condo. River slowly comes out of her house looking depressed]

Teagan: Ready?

River: I guesssssssssss

Teagan: Cheer up; this is for your own benefit.
River: That’s impossible.

Teagan: Not true. Okay what are some things you like to do?

River: Looking in the mirror and realizing how much of a failure I am.

Teagan: C’mon you don't actually enjoy doing that.

River: Not really…

Teagan: Good, that’s the first step.

River: [face lightens a tad] Really?

Teagan: Sure, now get into the car so we can find you something you are good at.

River: [somewhat reluctantly] Alright.

[Time elapse. Afternoon. Car outside Rivers condo. Teagan looks tired River looks even sadder, she gets out of the car while constantly looking at the ground and walks up to her door]

Teagan: It wasn't that bad.

[River ignores her]

Scene 3

[Teagan arrives at home; her fiancé Seth is already home watching sports]

Seth: How’d it go? Does River have a new outlook on life yet?

Teagan: Sadly no.

Seth: What did you do?

Teagan: Took her ice skating, dancing, cooking, and painting. And it all went badly.

Seth: Care to elaborate?

Teagan: Ice skating and dancing went so bad. She constantly lost her footing and fell. With cooking she didn’t follow the instructions or recipe as well as she should have and burnt or under cooked everything. When her pasta caught on fire she nearly lost it.

Seth: She caught pasta on fire?

Teagan: I think she put to much vegetable oil in the water… I think. I'm not sure really.

Seth: Damn.

Teagan: Painting went somewhat better, but not well. She was doing okay until she saw a 10 yr olds Painting of an apple and freaked out because she believed hers was better. She kept trying to fix hers and it got worse and worse.

Seth: Do you think she just lacks confidence?

Teagan: I thought about that but I'm not too sure how to fix that.

Seth: Sabotage everyone else.

Teagan: That’s so mean!

Seth: It would work.

Teagan: No I wouldn’t do that. I just need to find what she’s good at.

Seth: The more she realizes she's bad at the worse she will feel and evidently never find what she's good at because she will always fail.

Teagan: Then what should I do?

Seth: Take her to do the easy stuff first. Like photography. Don't go into all the fancy complicated stuff just point and shoot.

Teagan: What if she fails at that?

Seth: Then introduce her to a rich guy and hope she gets married.

Teagan: Seth!

Seth: It's her only hope.

Teagan: It is not. She’s good at something. She has to be.

Seth: Whatever you say.

Teagan: I'm going to bed. Good night.

Seth: Night.

Scene 4

[Teagan and River at a butterfly garden]

Teagan: C’mon, stop whining.

River: You know I don't want to do this.

Teagan: This will be simple. All you do is take pictures. Press this button and snap you took a picture.

River: How long do you want me to do this for?

Teagan: Until you feel you’ve taken enough.

River: [grabs camera takes one picture of nothing in particular and hands camera back] There, I've taken enough, can I go home now?

Teagan: [hands camera back] Take at least 20.

River: [groans] Fine.

Teagan: Try to enjoy it. I'm gunna go get some lunch, do you want anything?

River: No.

Teagan: Okay I'll be back later.

River: Whatever. [She looks at various flowers and butterflies around her. Half heartedly she takes pictures when a butterfly catches her eye. She takes a careful picture and upon looking back at the photo she becomes somewhat impressed. She takes a few more and eventually gets into it. Time elapse. Teagan returns to find River being more precise in her photo taking]

Teagan: Having fun?

River: [startled] yeah, I guess.

Teagan: [laughs] Ready to go?

River: I guess. What else do you want me to do?

Teagan: Nothing actually. I figured just one thing today.

River: [pleasantly surprised] okay.

Scene 5

[Teagan at home later that day looking through pictures that River took on her computer. Seth comes home]

Seth: Whatchya doing?

Teagan: I took your advice. Now I’m looking through all the Photos River took today.

Seth: Oh yeah?

Teagan: And it worked. I asked her to just take 20 and she ended up with over 50!

Seth: Are any good though?

Teagan: Yes, just about all of them, except the first five.

Seth: That’s good.

Teagan: Yes. She may do a lot better and be a lot more optimistic now.

Seth: That’s good. If it's alright with you, I have to go back out. I have after work stuff with Trevor I need to get done.

Teagan: But you just got home.

Seth: I know. I just had to drop some stuff off.

Teagan: You’ve been out a lot.

Seth: I've been busy.

Teagan: Yeah, alright.

Seth: See you later Teag [Leaves]

Teagan: Yeah see ya.

Scene 6

[Teagan at Rivers front door. She knocks and River answers]

Teagan: [holds out flash drive] All the pictures you took are on here.

River: Oh great so I can see how bad I did?

Teagan: No. they’re all actually really good. Hell I even printed a few because I liked them that much.

River: Oh [takes flash drive] okay. So what are you going to force me to do today?

Teagan: Nothing. I figured a break was due and so you can have time to look over the photographs.

River: Okay.

Teagan: Have a nice rest of the day.

River: Yeah [Shuts door]

Scene 7

[The next morning; Teagan at Rivers door, she knocks, River answers]

Teagan: Ready? I've got loads more planned today. You will find your calling! First…

River: [interrupts] Are you and Seth okay?

Teagan: Yeah, why?

River: Are you sure you’re okay?

Teagan: Yes. River are you okay? You look odd.

River: Is Seth okay?

Teagan: Well he didn’t come home last night… what's going on did something happen?

River: [beckons Teagan inside] I looked at the photos and was quite pleased with myself. So I went out to take more… because… I found it fun.

Teagan: That’s great! But what does this have to do with Seth and me?

River: While I was out I saw something thing bothersome. I thought you might want to see it. [Opens laptop and clicks on a picture of a seating area in front of a café]

Teagan: [looks closer at the picture] Is that Seth?

River: With that woman? Yes.

Teagan: He said he had work… stuff…

River: Okay [changes picture]. You don't normally kiss your coworker long enough for me to get three pictures of it if you’re just doing work stuff.

Teagan: [shocked] But I…

River: I wanted to tell you as soon as I found out but I didn’t know how.

Teagan: I… I have to go.

River: I'm always here if you need me.

[Teagan turns and leaves.]

Scene 8

[Later that night, River paces with her cell phone to her ear as she tries to call Teagan]

River: C’mon Teagan, pick up, please pick up.

[Frustrated she stuffs her phone in her pocket and grabs her car keys. River drives to Teagan's house and parks just outside. The lights are on in the house. Seth comes walking up the side walk to the house, he seems oddly giddy. It is silent as he enters the house. Teagan’s silhouette can be seen through the curtain covered window. Seth’s silhouette joins hers as they appear to be talking. Teagan's movements become angrier as her voice can be heard but no words audible. Then suddenly Seth moves away from view of the light and Teagan follows. A scream is heard and five minutes later Seth exits the house and goes to the back yard. River, who has watched this immediately jumps out of her car and runs into the house. She stops in the dining room and sees Teagan lying on the ground in a puddle of blood circling her head like a halo. There is a candle stick holder lying next to her. Shocked, River can't move until she hears noises outside. She grabs her Iphone and begins taking pictures. Seth is heard coming inside and River runs into the linen closet in the hallway adjacent to the dining room. Rustling noises are heard followed by silence. When she thinks Seth is gone River runs out of the closet however to her surprise Seth is still in the dining room on his knees next to Teagan’s body.]

Seth: [noticing River he stands up] River? What the hell are you doing here?! What-

River: [cut’s Seth off] You killed Teagan! Why did you kill her?!

Seth: [very frantic] It was an accident! I... I didn’t mean to… she, she was…

River: [shakes head and slowly walks backward to the exit] I can't believe it. You… you killed her.

[River bolts for the door and Seth runs after her calling her name, she is able to get to her car and drive away. She drives about a block and stops at a random house to call 911]

Woman: 911. What's your emergency?

River: [crying] Help. My friend, she's just been murdered by her fiancé.

Woman: What is your name?

River: River Mexz. Please help.

Woman: Mexz, as in Alice and Cooper Mexz the people that cured cancer?

River: That’s not important!

Woman: Yes, yes. River are you near your friend?

River: No, I was though, I heard it happen.

Woman: Where was your friend?

River: At her house. Uhm, 505 E. Shorewood drive Round Lake Beach. I don't know if her fiancé will be there anymore but I think he dragged her body around back.

Woman: Authorities are on their way. Can you give me their names?

River: Yes, Teagan Johnson and Seth… oh what's his last name… I can't remember! Trip… no… ah! TRIKE! Yes Seth Trike!

Woman: Teagan is your friend; the one who said was murder correct?

River: Yes.

Woman: Did anyone else witness the murder?

River: I don't know, maybe a neighbor.

Woman: Alright can you tell me where you are now?

River: I don't know I parked at a random house. I don't want to get out of my car in case he found me.

Woman: Yes. Do not leave your car. Alright I will track your phone and send authorities to your location.

River: [between sobs] Thank you.

Woman: Do you want me to stay on the line with you?

River: No, no, I'll be okay.

Woman: Alright.

[River hangs up and cries some more. eventually police lights are seen and a cop gets out of the cruiser. River leaves her car as well.]

Police: Are you River Mexz?

River: Yes.

Police: Can I ask you to come to the station with me? I've been notified to let you know that they have Seth Trike in custody and that they are now in search for the victim’s body. We just need your testimony.

River: [nods] Yes, yes.

[River gets back into her car and follows the police. Once at the station they get her statement and she gives them the pictures of the crime scene.]

Scene 9

[River in a police uniform talking to a bunch of children]

River: And that’s how I became a crime scene photographer.

[Murmurs of wow]

Child: Do you still miss your friend?

River: All the time, once a week I try a new hobby in memory of her. She would always want me to continue to try to be good at new things.

Teacher: [dabs at eyes] Alright class that will conclude our Career day. Everyone say thank you to Officer Mexz.

Children: Bye Officer Mexz.

[River stands up, wave’s bye to the class and leaves]


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