Meeting In odd places


2. Pain but Love

I got into the car and immediately put the radio on. At times music can make the car ride a lot more enjoyable. When I arrived at the store I parked my car in the parking lot, and made sure to remember where I parked cause I tend to forget. I got a text from my brother saying "Sorry Maddie, but thanks." I replied back "No problem." Still looking down at my phone the huge glass door swung open and hit me straight in the face. "Owch!" I yelled. Right away I felt my face to make sure I wasn't bleeding. My eyes were closed in pain, and I felt rough hands touch my face and my eyes shot open. "You alright darling, did I startle you?" I was about to make a rude remark but our eyes met and I completely felt calm again. "Yeah I'm fine it's just my face hurts a little." He helps me up on to my feet, still lost in his eyes, I try to say something to him but it just doesn't come out. "Hi my names Cameron, sorry about that, are you sure your okay?" "Yeah I'm fine, hey you look really familiar." I swear I have seen him before but I just can't recall where. "Haha you might have seen me on vine." Then I remembered he's Cameron Dallas and I mean the Cameron Dallas, the guy basically every girl wants to meet. I'm not a fan girl or anything but I have always been extremely attracted to him. "Are you from Cali?" He asked me. "Yeah I've lived here my whole life." "Cool." He says. It's silent for about thirty seconds and I'm curious of to want he's thinking. Then he says, "is it alright if I ask for your number, maybe we can get together sometime." I try to act cool, but of course that didn't work out for me being the dork that I am. I take out a peice of paper and a pen from my bag and write down my number, and then I say, "here's my number, so call me maybe." Seriously why did I have to say that. Could it get any worse that that? He chuckles "Hah your cute, and I'll call you maybe." He walks a away, then looks back and winks. At that moment my stomache felt like it was taken over by butterfly's.

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