abopted by zerrie


1. meet zoey Clark

"hey in zoey Lee Clark and i really don't want to be adopted ……… again ever person how takes me out of this hell hole always 1·Abuses me 2·Abuses me and 3· Abuses me i just kinda hate ever person on earth " ms. Jenna just walked in my room OMFG wat know "zoey why aren't you down stairs ?!?!?!" I don't answer " answer me you little brat !!!" She yelled "i-i-m not e-e-eating t-t-tod-d-ay " i say as ms . Jenna slapped me across the face real hard "i-i-i-m -" i was cut off by Allyson one of the girls in here said "ms. Jenna sone one want to talk to you and they want zoey to " she says as giving me a dearth look . Because everyone in here hates me even tho they knew i don't ever a fuck wat they think . Ms . Jenna walked out of the room with my face still Harding like hell . " ZOEY ,ALLYSON,PENNY , JACKIE , AND ARIANA GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE RIGHT KNOW !!!!" The bitch from down stairs said so we all was down stairs ( A/t the all that she did call of course ) just standing their waiting for the McCain's to pick the girl/girls they want the end up picking that little bitch Allyson of course like i just know i will never get picked im a 13 year old who doesn't talk and if i do talk it's alone to ms.jenna when she makes me talk and then their comes in a couple i think i saw on tv but i could be totally wrong tho but then they come closer and then i my eyes was telling the truth its ZAYN FACKING MALIK AND PERRIE FUCKING MALIK RIGHT HERE IN MY "HOUSE" i think this is the happiest moments of my life  

( A/N i haii baby cakes i hope y"ll like this book because i really work hard one these chapters so yay bye baby cakes -Allyson )

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