Goodbye Home! *Welcome Home! Sequel*

"I glanced out of the plane window, nothing in the distance besides clouds and a baby blue colored sky. Although it was devastating for me to leave my family and friends behind back at home, I was excited about a new year in America. New classmates, new teachers, new everything. Sara, and Indie decided to stay with the boys but promised to come to America soon."
Natalie Ball is on her way back to America. She meets a new friend and makes new enemies. Bradley encounters some trouble and it is up to his friends to help him out of it.

***If you havn't read "Welcome Home! Read it first.*


1. Natalie's POV



A/N: Hey guys! Before you continue, make sure you read . It will help you understand things quicker!! Plus, listen to this song while reading. It makes a difference.

Chapter 1- Natalie (Listen to “All of the Stars” By: Ed Sheeran)
    I glanced out of the plane window, nothing in the distance besides clouds and a baby blue colored sky. Although it was devastating for me to leave my family and friends behind back at home, I was excited about a new year in America. New classmates, new teachers, new everything. Sara, and Indie decided to stay with the boys but promised to come to America soon. It was Tristan’s birthday and I felt bad leaving them but I wouldn’t be able to go to the school I wanted to if I hadn’t left today. Or at least get a dorm room. The policy was first come first served. I despised it. The lady who sat next to me was awfully smelly but the guy who sat next to her made up for it. He had jet black hair and crystal blue eyes and wore a bit of eyeliner which made his eyes look even bluer than they already were. He looked like a person Indie used to date. But it wasn’t him. This guy was much skinnier and lanky… and more hot.  I know, I’m a horrible person for checking out other guys. James is my man, don’t worry.

“Hey, I’m trying to sleep. Do you mind closing the window a bit?” He asked.

“ sure.” I shut the window fast and rested my head back on the seat.

“You ok?” I leaned forward to see who he was talking to. I pointed at myself.


“Yes you. You alright?” He was American, with a southern accent.

“Uh, ya… sure.. i’m great.” He laughed. “Hey, no laughing.”

“You just sound so funny! Where you from?”

“Scotland, you?”

“Originally from Alabama, but I moved to New York since i’m going to school here.”

“Do you want to switch seats with me?” The woman asked the guy who was talking to me while she took out her headphones. “You are interrupting my movie.”

“Uh sure.” They both stood up and it took about a good full minute until the smelly woman got up and sat in his seat. “Is it me or does she smell like… i don’t even know.” He whispered into my ear cupping his hand.

“It’s not just you. I smell it also. Oh so what school are you going to?”

“Hurrington College.”

“Oh same! I’m a sophomore.”

“I’m a Junior. How come I haven't seen you before?”

“You look familiar.”

“Do I?”

“Yah. You look just like the guy my friend used to date.”

“Who’s your friend?”

“Indiana Jones.”

“Is her name seriously Indiana Jones. What kind of parent names their child that. I would kill myself if that was my name.”

“You wouldn’t, plus we call her Indie. What’s your name?” I ask.

“Peter Parker...”

“Bahhh! You’re Spiderman! That’s not much better than Indiana Jones man.”

“ I know...How about you. Please don’t tell me your name is Mary Jane.”

“Haha. Thankfully not. It’s Natalie Ball.”

“Ball…” He scoffed.


“It’s funny.”

“Like my accent.”

“Yes. Just like it!” I shook my head and put on the TV.

“How does this thing work. I can’t hear anything.” I yelled tapping the remote roughly.

“You need headphones.” Peter stated.

“Where are headphones!!”

“I don’t know. Here borrow mine.” I plugged in the earphones and put on ‘21 Jump Street’ I missed watching it with Brad. My eyes started to close and I rested my head on Peter’s shoulder hoping he wouldn’t mind.

    I woke up to the pilot speaking on the PA.

“Good afternoon everybody. I hope you enjoyed your flight. We will be landing in approximately 15 minutes so please turn off your TVs and other electronic devices and keep your seat up. Thank you.” I looked to my right to see Peter sleeping on the smelly lady’s shoulder. It was funny because she was also asleep. I nudged him with my elbow.

“Yo. Pete. Wake up, It’s time for landing.” His head jolted up and he rubbed his eyes.

“Eww! Was I laying on… her?” He asked.  I nodded and chuckled. “I have the heebie jeebies.”

“Is that even a thing?” I questioned. He shrugged as I sighed. He reminded me so much of Connor.

“Are you sure you’re alright?” He asked.

“Yeh. I just miss my family.” I responded and shut my eyes for a moment. He took his fingers and moved my eyelids up, causing me to see again.

“Don’t worry. You and me will be like a little family. Well, I mean not like husband and wife, just like getting through this year of college together. I reached over to him and enveloped him in a bear hug. “Oh, so we’re getting emotional now, ok.. um.” He patted my back awkwardly. Now his awkwardness  reminded me of Andy and his style was just like Indie’s. His hair was soft and shaggy like Bradley’s and his eyes were blue like James’s. He sounded like the American version of Tristan and wore a ton of bracelets on his wrist just like the boys did. I pulled back and he let out a snort which sounded just like Sara.

“Gosh! You remind me of everyone right now!”

“Tell me about these people.”

“Well, There is my cousin Connor and his girlfriend Andy, my American friends Sara, Indiana-”

“The one we were talking about before?” He interrupted. I nodded.

“Shh. Sara, Indiana and Brooklyn but i’m not really friends with Brooklyn anymore, and my cousins bandmates, Tristan, Bradley and James. Sara is dating Brad, Indie is dating Tris and I’m dating-”

“You’re dating someone? Damn it!” I ignored him.

“I’m dating James… And that’s my family. We live in my cousin’s house, all of us.”

“That’s crazy. You don’t live with your parents?”

“Oh, um, my parents are psychos… my aunt and uncle, Connor’s parents adopted me when I was younger. They live in Florida now.”

“Oh. I’m also adopted. Hashtag Twiningg!” He squealed. “Remind me to never do that again.”

“Will do.” The plane soon landed and we gathered our luggages.

“Orange?” He questioned in disgust pointing to my luggage.

“Does it look like purple? Yes it’s orange.”


“What do you have against the color orange?” I asked.

“It’s just an ugly color.”

"Do you want an example of an ugly color?  Green.” I whined.

“Huuhh! That’s my favorite color!” I stuck my tongue out at him and he squinted his eyes and nose. After a an hour of security and customs we decided to eat at Burger King.

“A Whopper with a chocolate shake and extra chips please.” I ordered.

“You’re in America, we use the term, Fre-nch Fr-ies.” He said like I didn’t speak English. I ignored him as he ordered the same thing.

“A Whopper with a chocolate shake and extra, French fries,” He turned to me and exaggerated the ‘french fries’ part. I rolled my eyes. Our food was out in less than five minutes and we picked a table.  “Excited? We are going back to Hell in less than 24 hours."

“Calm yourself. It’s really not all that bad.” I reassured. He swirled his straw in his drink and huffed.


“What! What!”

“It’s Brooklyn.”

“The girl you’re not friends with anymore?”

“Yupp.” I totally forgot she went to the same school as me. I attempted to hide my face behind a napkin but it was soon when she noticed me.

“You dumped James already.. woohf. Hows ConCon?” She approached our table.

“No, James and I are still dating. He’s good." I replied.

“Tell him that I miss him. Muah! OK I better get going! See you in College! I hope we’re roomies.”

“I hope we aren’t” I muttered as she left. 

“So.. she still thinks you’re friends..?” Pete asked.



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