Don't you Worry child

Letters between the young couple Evangeline de Cortez who lives in Los Angeles. California and Jurian Harls who lives in London,England. No matter the distance they're love will never die


1. It's been a month

Dear Evangeline,

My love. It's been a month I have last seen you. I miss you so much it feels like if a piece of me was taken away. My father has been persistent I forget you. But you know what I said. I will never forgot my true love. This whole time I've been away your the only thing on my mind. From the time I rise to get ready for school till it's time for dinner. Until its time for bed. I still remember how we met. How it was cliche but yet romantic. I remember how I stuttered to apologize for bumping into but yet you kept the sweet smile on your face. I remember your laugh and how you shyly muttered a it's okay.But the whole time you never moved and we kept staring into each other's eyes.. How your eyes were a beautiful green and how the wind swept your brown hair. It was that moment I knew I was falling in love. I loved how the summer sun shined on you and you looked like an angel.But now this distance is keeping us apart.But remember I will always love you.



P.S Write back soon

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