Strong*sequeal to his kids*


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Brittany's pov

I'm 5 months pregnant it's gonna be a boy louis is letting me name him Leo William Tomlinson every night while I fall asleep Lou rubs circles on my belly and sings little things as I fall asleep me and Lou got married had our honeymoon but no sex cause you know I'm pregnant Tommy and Darcy are going out Taylor is going out with Liam and Nikki's son Dustan and Dylan is going out with Zayn and Emily's kid Zara wow I think where all gonna be related haha but I'm now Brittany Marie Tomlinson me and Lou had our wedding on a beach Harry was the best man and Haley was the maiden of honer louis baby's me god that boy worries to much where now on tour with them the where we are tour I but one thing is for shure louis is a good dad he wasn't there when Tommy and Tay were born but he will for leo.

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