Strong*sequeal to his kids*


2. 4 months later

Louis pov

Holy shit louis my water broke oh god let's get you to the hospital

At the hospital

Brittany's pov

Oh my god it hurts one more push mrs Tomlinson ugggg ok your done with the first baby here comes the second baby THE SECOND BABY.

Louis pov

What the hell there was only one baby well that doctor made a mistake push mrs Tomlinson uggggg one more push I can't louis I can't do it any more it hurts come on love you can you did it with Tommy and Taylor and I'm right here this time come on one more push ok let's do it ugggg it's a boy there both boys what are there names this is Leo William Tomlinson and this is Dakota Shane Tomlinson Tommy Tay wanna see your baby Brother's Brother's but there was only one oh just come here hold them.

Tommy's pov

Oh who this little fella this is Leo William Tomlinson ah hey Leo I'm your big brother ye are a little small arnt ye.

Taylor's pov

Hey I'm your big sister yer so cute mum what's his name Dakota Shane Tomlinson hey Dakota I'm Taylor.

Niall's pov

Sis I wanna see the baby holy shit there's two yay I have more nephews yay give me one I wanna hold one hahaha.

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