jeff the killer and jennie

"why,why would you fall in love with me ...the out cast " he looked at me " you are not an outcast" i smile and he starts to tickle me "JEFF" i try to get out of his grip and we fall out of the bed and onto the floor "Jeff" i said to him with are lips are close "yes,Jennie" and we kiss ...the door slams open "oh shit"

this story is abou a odd love with a normal girl( as you think ;) ) and the one and only jeff the killer.


1. ...

*jennies p.o.v * 

i lay there in my bed 

thinking about him. his hair...eyes. 

and the best he loves me .yea an outcast... i try so hard but he is popular for his looks and 

he picks me? but i am just and out cast " your not an out cast i can promise you that " i turn to see him on my bed "hey..." i get closer while i am still in the covers. " so whats up " i said and he put his hands on my side and starts to tickle. "JEFF" i said and i try to get out of his grip and we both fell on the floor "Jeff?" "yes jennie " and we kissed... 

the door slams open dad walks in "oh shit " Jeff said " what is going on hear,jennie" i was shocked that i could not speak "slender-" he threw Jeff "no-" he threw me at the wall "j..e.ff" i said and i got up and looked  around "JEFF" i look out my broken window and ran down from the roof and was crying "jeff" he was not moving "jeff dont die please" " ok" i helped him up and he grabbed me and we ran out into the woods.

*jeff's p.o.v*

jennie had bruses on her face "jennie why are there bruses on your face" 

she looked at me"my dad" i let her get up herself "look a cabin"she runs to it " coming " we b ran to the cabin 

"wow " we bolth look at the cabin  in surpise we herd her dad and we ran into the cabin 


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