jeff the killer and jennie

"why,why would you fall in love with me ...the out cast " he looked at me " you are not an outcast" i smile and he starts to tickle me "JEFF" i try to get out of his grip and we fall out of the bed and onto the floor "Jeff" i said to him with are lips are close "yes,Jennie" and we kiss ...the door slams open "oh shit"

this story is abou a odd love with a normal girl( as you think ;) ) and the one and only jeff the killer.


2. trees and woods

-Jeff's p.o.v- 

I put her on the bed and she goes into the corner and hides I come after her and held her in my arms. But the urge is getting to me and I kiss her "Jeff?" I put her out on the bed"JEFF!" She said and I touched her .the urge goes on and -things- happen .she fell asleep by me and I put my arms around her she is mine 


I woke up to a sound of foot steps out Side of the cabin. I let jennie stay there and I open the door to the woods . And I saw slender man and I went his way.

"Hey slendie" he turned around and charged at me "fuck slendie calm down" he tackled me and I was trying to stab him but then I herd jennie scream and I ran towards the cabin. 

I open the door and to see jennie lying on the ground with the girl on her side.

I ran up to the girl and threw her the girl got up and jennie screamed and I ran an went in front the girl jumped to attack me but a voice took  her away jennie started to cry and I went down to her level and she pointed her dad the blood ...she almost puked but something changed in her something that the jennie I love and would die for had red eyes and she grabbed the demon beast in the cabin and she held the girl up against the wall "give me the knife!" I give her the knife and she dug the knife in her skin...I can hear the skin tear which the knife she let go of the girl and her life less body fell to the floor all I herd was a thud then jennie 

Came up and gave me my knife and she started to fall and she got into my arms and passed out and I put her on the bed and she got up and her eyes changed  from red to blue. "Jeff,are you ok?" She ask and I could not answer I stood there and  all I could do was to come up to her and kiss her.


-jennies p.o.v-

He grabbed my hand and told me "let's go somewhere" I shook my head yes "but we need to do 

Something with my dad" I think he understands and I look up from my dad to Jeff "make a fire " he goes out and makes a fire out in front of the cabin. I went out and he stricken the match and put it on the fire. The noise of the fire makes me feel sick. I put my face in Jeff's shirt he hugged me...his skin was cold...really cold .I start to shiver and he gave me his hoodie.I kissed his cheek and then he held my hand we watched the house burn down inch by inch I herd the body's crack the flesh fall from their body's I thought I was going to puke but stoped when Jeff went and grabbed my hand and he directed me to this big house in The middle of the woods 

He walks in and I stay out side 

" Hello" he said and a boy with a blue mask came I and they gave each hug and Jeff pointed

At me. 

He came out and hugged me.



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