jeff the killer and jennie

"why,why would you fall in love with me ...the out cast " he looked at me " you are not an outcast" i smile and he starts to tickle me "JEFF" i try to get out of his grip and we fall out of the bed and onto the floor "Jeff" i said to him with are lips are close "yes,Jennie" and we kiss ...the door slams open "oh shit"

this story is abou a odd love with a normal girl( as you think ;) ) and the one and only jeff the killer.


4. love never dies

*jennies p.o.v*

I wake up on the side of jeff his hands around my waist.

he loved me...finally someone that loves me.

"how are you"


i smiled and i flipped over to see him...

"how can a guy like you be with me "

"how can a beautiful girl love a freak like me"

we smiled and he kissed my cheek.

"jeff..." he looks at me.

   "i am pregnant"

he looks at me "what.."

"you are a daddy"

he smiles

"i want a little girl"

"me too"

we got up and i went into the bathroom. i striped down to nothing and go under the water.

the door slam's 

"jeff is that you"

no answer 


i fell to the ground by ben pushing me my side hurting like hell


jeff ran into the bathroom. he dragged out  ben. 

i can hear him yelling at him.

he ran into the bathroom and pulled me up in his arms.

he put me down on the bed.

"are you okay?"

i let him touch the stomach and i was in pain.

he hugged me "are little girl is still alive" 

i kissed him.


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