jeff the killer and jennie

"why,why would you fall in love with me ...the out cast " he looked at me " you are not an outcast" i smile and he starts to tickle me "JEFF" i try to get out of his grip and we fall out of the bed and onto the floor "Jeff" i said to him with are lips are close "yes,Jennie" and we kiss ...the door slams open "oh shit"

this story is abou a odd love with a normal girl( as you think ;) ) and the one and only jeff the killer.


8. jack

Jacks p.o.v 

As I kissed her on the roof I herd foot steps down below.I did not mine them she let go in the embrace and smiled. That's when Jeff came out of nowhere and grabbed jennie."JENNIE" I ran after her.Jeff yelled at me telling me to go.away

She kick him,once she kicked him in the stomach he feel and jennie fell off the roof."JENNIE" I ran down to see her...her head was bleeding and she was moving.I picked her up and ran into the house and put her on the couch

"What happened!!" Her mom said as everyone is trying to help.

"Jeff...Jeff attacked her and threw her off the roof " I started to cry "it his and mine fault..." 

"No...No Jack you saved's not your fault" 

"We need to take her upstairs"

Her mom shook her head "yes..." she started to cry.

*Couple hours later* 


I woke up to jennies mom in front of me.

"Come on..." 

I follow her to jennies room.

I look at her sleeping.She is so beautiful.

Then she woke up.

"J..j..Jack" I hugged her 

*Jeff's p.o.v*

I look at jennie. ,"What did I do,she could be dead" masky looks at me "dude...she is alive "

I look at him and I smiled 


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