jeff the killer and jennie

"why,why would you fall in love with me ...the out cast " he looked at me " you are not an outcast" i smile and he starts to tickle me "JEFF" i try to get out of his grip and we fall out of the bed and onto the floor "Jeff" i said to him with are lips are close "yes,Jennie" and we kiss ...the door slams open "oh shit"

this story is abou a odd love with a normal girl( as you think ;) ) and the one and only jeff the killer.


5. changes forever

*jeffs p.o.v*

i go and try to find ben.i have told him already that if he tried to hurt her i would kill him.

he was in the living room i ran up to him and put the knife around his neck.

"you need to die"

he did not speak

but one tear went down his face.he new what he did but i...i loved her i want her safe i let go of him  "stay away from her" i said and he went to his room. i need to keep her safe i need to keep my little one safe. i went to are room she was asleep i can see that she was in pain. i went up to the bed and i laid right by her.i put my arms around her she smiled; i kissed her cheek and she went up to my chest and she kissed my cheek and snuggled into me.

:jennies p.o.v: 

i wake up to jeff holding me i move his hands and go into the living room, masky came and was yelling at sally i went she was crying i hugged her she would not let go i look upup as sally was trying to hold on to me.

"she is ok"

"dont tell me how to raise a little girl"

i look at him with a mean look

" she does not need this she needs love"

"what are you going to know you are just a human"

after that i went crazy.

my hair turned into a dark black and my eyes red . 

he was scared he picked up sally but i pushed him before he did Jeff went and ran down to the living room. i started to black out and he caught me then masky,Jeff and sally wached as my hair turned back to me regularly my eyes back to green.i get up and jeff pulled me out side 

" we cant stay her but i found a house"

he showed me a house right on the beach.

i hugged him and kissed him.

"yeah,lets do it "


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