Breaking The Walls Then Fixing Them Again

Breaking The Walls Then Fixing Them Again:

The walls are crumbing and the hills are shaking. Everything's going wrong.

The simplest things are a mountain and the hardest things are a feather. And it's so easy sometimes to just let go of that feather, give up. Five boys. Five boys who are just about ready to let go of their feathers, but they can't. And they won't. Because sometimes in life, you might find that, that feather was the only thing that kept you alive, that feather was the only thing that helped you to cope. That feather is worth more than you give it credit for. And in the end you need that feather because without it.

You're nothing.


5. Chapter five

Now Liam.

Liam was mad.

He was angry, he had missed his little sisters birthday because of his job.

He understood, he had a contract and despite that he couldn't let his fans down.

But he had been telling people for months in advance, so why couldn't he go? That's all that sat on his mind.

The boys reached the arena, walking to where they were meant to be and you could see just by looking at him, how angry Liam really was.

His body was tense and his steps had a slight kick to them almost stomping the ground at each step.

As much as he hated to let down fans, just missing one concert or even suspending it wouldn't hurt.

Just so he could go to his little sister birthday, it would not hurt.

They we're say down once again, having only 10 minutes until they were on stage, time wouldn't go quick enough.

Liam let out a sigh thinking of happier thoughts, he didn't want to disappoint fans just because he was in a mood.

He let a smile lace onto his face and starred in the mirror, it didn't look real, fake smiles never did.

They always held that kind of snarl behind them making it obvious.

He sighed again, he at least needed a neutral face, so he didn't look grumpy.

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