Fate Brought Us Together

Fate Brought Us Together is a story about the wealthy, well that's only half way true. It's an adventurous romance between a boy and girl who grow up in a rich society. Kathleen plays the rich girl without a rich girl mind, she does attend parties, but only if ordered by her parents. They act like an ordinary family with money. Now her parents have friends coming from Florida to stay with them until their son graduates. Their son, Fate, is the handsome and smart guy that ends up living under the same roof as Kathleen. How will this turn up when Kathleen's hate for Fate turns into a fate more real than any other? Only her confusion can be solved when her feelings are met with help.


7. Chapter 7

      The day for the trip came faster than light beaming through a triangular prism glass. The trip to Marcadia is a twenty hour plane ride, it seems long, but it doesn’t feel that way when you’re occupied with the most popular items of today’s technology, such as books, music, movies, etc. There are about four hundred and fifty eight students who are attending this trip, so it has been decided that a second plane would be required. Each plane can hold up to three hundred passengers, so if we divide the students up in half, we’ll have two hundred and twenty nine students per plane. 
    The seats inside the plane are arranged in a train like fashion where on each side you would have two seats facing down the plane while the opposite side of the seats are facing the cockpit of the plane and all the seats are arranged in that order from throughout the body of the plane and what make the seats on the plane better than a train seat is that the seats on the plane are more comfortable and reliable. There is enough space to lay the seat back like a bed and then finally fall asleep to the sound of cool air blowing on your face.

    “I can’t wait!” Jin shouted as she clutched Fate’s shoulder and then she leaned into him as if she were about to fall asleep, but Fate was being strange, he won’t take his eyes off of me! I nervously looked behind me to see that Lynne Keene, Amy’s boyfriend, was sitting behind me. I tapped his shoulder to get his attention.

    “What is it, Kathy?” He asked as usual.

    “Can I trade seats with you?” I whispered to him so that Fate couldn’t hear me.

    “Sure,” He answered quickly as he noticed that Amy was sitting right next to me.

    “Thanks,” I smiled and pulled my bag over my shoulder.

    “What are you doing?” Amy asked as she tugged at my shirt when I finally got on my feet.

    “I’m doing you a favor,” I smiled playfully and then took my seat where there was nobody around, it was just perfect.

    “Where’d you come from?” I heard Lynne ask Fate.

    “Florida,” He answered unhesitatingly.

    “Where do you stay?” He continued.

    “I stay at the Shewn residence,” He answered so professionally. Shut up, Fate!

    “You stay at Kathy’s place?” Amy gave her full attention as she remembered overhearing a conversation about a family staying over at the Shewn residence here in town.

    “Oh, yes,” He laughed, “You didn’t know?”

    “Well, I did hear someone was staying at her house, but I didn’t think it was you,” She leaned against her seat and started to cuddle with her boyfriend. The engine to the plane screamed as it made its way past the turning roads until it finally reached the runway. The plane didn’t shake as much as it had done before, but it screamed louder as it started to move up the runway in full speed. I calmly blocked out all the noises that surrounded me and I stared outside the window as the plane lifted into the air.

    “Kathy!” I heard Amy screaming my name as I slowly opened my eyes to see that it was dark outside, “Why did we land so early?”

    “Amy, what do you think transportations like planes need to keep going?” I quizzed her as I was trying to regain my eyesight. My muscles were not sore, but I did sleep the wrong way. While I was sleeping, I used my shoulder as a pillow, but I must have lost my mind for I forgot that all the seats were capable of being pulled back for me to rest my bones and my muscles from a very long flight.

    “Oh!” She laughed at her stupidity as she slapped herself on the forehead, “I forgot,”

    “I know, you’re really excited about this trip,” I smiled at her with comfort.

    “So, how much longer?” She asked eagerly.

    “Well, how long have I been asleep?” I laughed and gave her the ‘Calm-yourself-down’ face.

    “About four hours,” She shockingly replied.

    “What is twenty minus four?” I left the answer to be her own and then the intercom to the plane clicked on.

    “Thank you for being seated throughout the trip,” The flight attendant spoke, “We are now about to depart, please remain seated until we have, once again, allowed you to stand. Thank you and have a wonderful flight,”

    “Goodnight, Kathy,” Amy yawned and got back into her seat to lean against Lynne to sleep.

    “Yea,” I whispered as I found myself unable to fall asleep again as the pilot turned on the engine and started for the runway. As the plane shook from turbulence when it passed through dark clouds, I searched the aisle for a flight attendant.

    “Is there anything I can get you, miss?” A tall woman with dreadlocks hanging over her small shoulders asked with a graceful tone in her voice.

    “Can I have a glass of Ginger Ale?” I asked as I held onto my wrist that seemed to have turned red from my tight grip from my other hand.

    “I’ll be back with your drink,” She smiled and turned to assist other students on the plane.

    Two hours have passed and almost half the students on the plane had fallen deeply asleep. Some of them talked, some of them snored, and even some of them even walked in their sleep. I turned around to find Amy passed out on Lynne’s shoulder while his head rested on top of hers, but I looked unsurprised as I saw Fate and Jin in the exact same position as Amy and Lynne. I leaned back against my seat to find headphones peeking out of a box that was built into the table. I slid the lid open and found a touch screen DVD player that already had headphones plugged into it.

    “This is new,” I said to myself as I took the device out of the container. I found the power button located at the top, right corner where it flashed a green light, “I wonder what this button does,” I joked as I pressed the button to see the screen of the device light up. A selection of movies, TV shows, and other ways to search for films appeared on the screen.

    “Wow,” A student, that was probably three seats behind me on the other side of the aisle, laughed, “This movie is so funny!”

    “You are so right,” Another student next to him laughed.

   “Since there’s really nothing to do right now, but sit around and do nothing,” I started to say to myself as I held the device safely in my hands, “I guess I can give it a try,”

    “Now that’s the spirit, kiddo,” The familiar voice that belonged to Fate appeared beside me, “How are you, Kathy?”

    “Don’t call me that,” I frustratingly answered as I turned to look out the window that was foggy and not clear to any eyes that belong to human beings. I felt like I was secretly apart of the Twilight Zone, but there weren’t any cameras around to capture this terrifying moment.

    “Why?” He asked curiously, but he knew perfectly well why I don’t like him calling me by that name, “Everyone else calls you Kathy, why can’t I?”

    “Do I have to spell it out for you?” My mind took control of my voice and I was now to the point where my fists might start moving themselves as well, “You don’t know me well enough to call me that,”

    “A name is a name, yet you assume that a name must mean that a person must know you well,” He shook his head in disbelief, “What is this world coming to?”

    “Why should it matter where the world comes to?” I fought back as I looked directly into his eyes, “If you think of me as a crazy person, then please speak up, but if you have nothing better else to say, then hold your tongue and leave me alone!”

    “Ouch,” He threw a surprising response as his eyes grew dark and sullen, “Can I ask you a question?”

    “If it has nothing to do with science, then,” I stopped myself as I saw his eyes become fixed to the floor, “Fine,”

    “What do you think of love?” He asked, but I couldn’t answer. I looked at him as I felt pain being a part of the answer.

    “I think love is,” I wanted to lie, but the word came out on its own, “Cruel, but sweet in its own way,”

    “Do you believe in such an emotion?” He sounded almost like a child asking whether Santa Claus existed, but the pain in his voice was mysterious and it made me curious.

    “At this moment, I can’t answer you, because I have found myself in a tight situation of the subject you speak of,” I couldn’t hide my sullen face as I told him the truth.

    “I know I ask you too many questions, but I’m also in a tight situation as you, too,” He spoke truthfully as his eyes slowly fixed themselves to mine. Why is he making me feel nervous? I noticed that my hands grew cold and they wouldn’t stop shaking, “Are you cold?”

    “Just a little,” I hid my hands under the table to find a way to keep my hands warm, “I’ll ask for a blanket in a little bit,”

    I felt my body begin to grow weak while Fate looked stronger than Hercules. I felt my eyes begin to blur as my eyelids began to slowly fall over my eyes, but something was strange about my hands. They were indescribably warm! One hour passed and I was slowly waking up to the sound of an annoyed girl.

    “What are you doing?” I heard Jin’s disgusted voice hovering over me. I opened my eyes to find my hands locked up inside Fate’s hands.

    “Fate, wake up!” I screamed as I tried to push his heavy head off of my weak shoulders, but it was no use.

    “That’s alright,” She smiled a threatening smile, “I’ll just tell daddy,”

    “What are you talking about?” I looked into her dark eyes that seemed to look like she had advantage over someone.

    “You don’t know?” She chuckled to herself as if she was the one holding a deep secret that could ruin someone else’s life.

    “No, I don’t know,” I confirmed as she kept on laughing to herself.

    “Fate is under my control,” She lifted her left hand in a fist to the level of her mouth. It seems like she’s trying to tell me that she has power over Fate, but she still hasn’t made the situation clear enough for me.

    “Under your control?” I grew curious and finally recalled the question about why Fate has been stubborn for the past few weeks, “Explain how you have so much control over him. Are you that obsessed or are you telling me something that might take a sledge hammer to the head to understand?”

    “Is there a third option?” She asked dumbly as she didn’t notice that I was trying to get her to tell me something that I had been wondering about for the past few weeks with Fate.

    “How is Fate under your control?” I finally asked her the true question that hadn’t been answered.

    “Well,” She started as she began to answer, but then she looked at Fate in disgust again, “Give him back!”

    “He wasn’t even mine to begin with!” I argued back. I can’t believe it!

    “Oh yeah, then why is he lying so soundly upon your shoulder?” She pointed out as she grabbed his shoulder and wiggled him around, but he still didn’t show any kind of expression on his face.

    “It looks like I really do need a sledge hammer,” I whispered to myself as I noticed that Fate was completely dead to the world.

    “You better be lucky my parents don’t own you!” She shouted with anger and then that’s when it hit me. Fate’s parents are being controlled by Jin’s parents, but how could that be possible? The only way that can happen is if…

    “Kathleen?” Fate finally awakened and I began to hear his voice very differently. His voice wasn’t annoying anymore, but he sounded like he was suffering deep down inside. I never noticed that all this time it was all just an act to keep me away from the truth and that also meant my parents don’t know about what they’re going through. They didn’t want us to worry, “What’s wrong?”

    “What’s wrong?” Jin repeated after him as she laughed in disbelief.

    “Oh, Jin,” The act began and I decided to be a part of it.

   “I need a drink,” I got up and stood next to Jin, “Do you want me to get you something while I’m down there?”

    “Well,” Fate started, but I saw the fright in his eyes as he noticed Jin giving him a deadly stare for which I am now able to see.

    “Never mind, I wouldn’t be able to carry all of them anyway,” I gave an acting attitude while Fate thought it was real. He’ll never see through my act as long as he doesn’t know that I already know his deepest secret.

    “That’s alright,” Jin turned to me as her eyes became full of vengeance. I just smiled at her and then I continued down the aisle that led to the tail of the plane where the refreshment bar was being crowded by many students.

    “Can I get a sprite?” I asked the flight attendant that served me earlier as I approached the counter.
    “Okay,” She smiled as if she was enjoying her job. “Here you go,”

    “Thanks,” I smiled in return and then handed her one dollar.

    “Enjoy your flight,” She waved her hand and then she assisted the other students that surrounded the counter. I felt envious of her happiness as she walked up and down the aisles, because she could live as freely as a bird in the sky. Unlike me, I’m just an ant just waiting to be squashed and ended. I don’t know what it is, but I feel like I’m being watched intensely.

    “Hey, Kathleen,” The voice that crept down my spine made my heart beat faster with every second. I turned around to find a pair of familiar green eyes that seemed to have changed into something devastatingly scary.

    “Gregory?” I wanted to smile, but the incident from the other night kept me from feeling the way I did before that night. I couldn’t help but feel like I did something wrong, but I never once thought that I could hurt someone this much; especially the one person who supported me when I was knocked down to the ground.

    “How are you?” He tried to maintain his posture as he tried to look me in the eyes without shedding any tears.
    “I’m doing fine,” My throat became dry and it became hard to swallow, “Are you okay?”

    “Oh, yeah,” I could hear the lie in his voice telling me he was suffering deep in the depths of his soul and his heart cried out in pain as it was slowly becoming cold and isolated from the world. It was never in my intention to hurt him this much; but in this situation, it’s quite impossible for me to think of another way to gain back his happiness so that everyone, including me, will be happy.

    “Gregory!” Margi pushed me slightly to the side as she gave her beloved Gregory an anaconda like squeeze. While she was hugging him with her pale arms, she gave me a look that told me that this spot is her territory and no one can come near him unless it’s one of her best friends. I, for one, am not a part of her silly friendship nor do I want to be apart of it.

    “Hey, Margi,” He smiled down on her as she reached up and gave him a kiss on his cheek. I turned around and walked back down the aisle to see Amy and Lynne sharing a ginger ale together and Fate was with Jin while I found myself feeling a little bit happy that everyone was able to find love, but it made me sad that most of the love people show are only to use for jealousy or to use for ones benefit.

    “Kathleen” A familiar voice approached me from behind as he placed his hand on my shoulder, “Did you miss me?” I felt like something was burning my heart and my body felt like it would collapse. I turned around to find a set of dark blue eyes that stared passionately into my eyes as I looked at him with a blank face.

    “Who are you?” I stepped back one step as he took one step forward.

    “My name is Lynus Cole,” He introduced himself with a smile that stretched from one ear to the other.

    “Lynus, is it?” I asked as I giggled through my teeth from how easy it was to get his name.

    “Correct,” He laughed as well.

    “Anyway, what are you doing on this plane?” I looked around at all the other students who were sitting happily in their seats, “Do you even go to our school?”

    “I do,” He kept his smile glued to his face.

    “Oh, but how?” I kept on speaking my mind as I felt myself become more comfortable with him.

    “I rarely come to school,” He ran his hand through is long, black hair, and then he took my hand and brought me to two empty seats. I noticed that he was still holding my hand. I tried to remove his hand from mine, but he wouldn’t let go of me. It was like he was afraid of being alone, “Sit with me?”

    “But I have my own seat,” I pointed to my seat that we had passed 15 seats ago. Fate looked at Lynus as if he had committed a crime that could be put down to execution, “Never mind, I’ll sit here,”

    “Alright,” He laughed as he noticed me staring at Fate, “Holding a grudge, are we?” He stared back at Fate as I took my seat next to the window.

    “In a way,” I crossed my arms and stared out the window to see the moon beaming through the white clouds that floated freely in the atmosphere. The feeling of being able to see this beautiful scene made me feel calm and rested, “Lynus?”

    “What it is?” He asked as he leaned into his seat. A piece of his hair moved in front of his beautiful face and as he moved that piece of hair away from his cheeks, I felt my heart beating faster and faster. Love has been confusing to me and I can’t decide what it really feels like. I thought I was beginning to like Fate, but I guess I can only see him as a tortured older brother and Gregory has been my best friend ever since we were kids, but Lynus seems different. He has made me remember some things that I had forgotten in my days of comfort. I had forgotten what it’s like to feel calm and comfortable.

    “What you said about me being your first love,” I paused and saw him looking at me very seriously, “Were you serious?”

    “Every word I said to you,” He smiled in confidence, “And every word I say to you will always be the truth, because I have grown up to be a faithful and caring person that has been trying every day to reach your heart,”

    “I don’t know what it is, but I feel as if I can tell you anything about what’s bothering me,” The muscles in my abdomen loosened and I became more comfortable to tell one person how I truly felt, “And the truth is, I really like this feeling,”

    “I’m happy,” He laughed and I laughed along with him. I finally decided to forget all the bad things that have happened in the past few weeks and I hoped to hold on to the memories that had once made me smile at every thought I have of them. I truly feel happy the way things are beginning to turn out, but how long will this happy moment last?

    “Well, there’s about 13 more hours left until we reach Marcia, but in another hour, the plane is going to land at we call the plane gas station,” I laughed as I began to do my calculations, “And since we’re going overseas, we’re going to switch planes,”

    “Switch planes?” He sounded as if he understood what I was talking about, but my guess is that he wants nothing more than for me to keep talking.

    “Yes, because this plane cannot surpass four hours without gas,” I smiled and looked out to the clear night, “So, we’ll need to get a plane that can surpass eight hours,”

    “Then after eight hours, we’ll stop at another plane gas station, as you call it,” He reached into his bag and pulled out journal, “You don’t mind, do you?”

    “Oh, no,” I waved at him to continue, “Please, you don’t have to ask me for permission for anything,”

    “Oh, really?” He looked at me with his sharp eyes and he hid a grin behind his solid black journal.

    “Why do I get the feeling I’m going to regret saying something like this?” I whispered to myself, but it seemed as if he was so occupied with his journal that he had no ears to hear carefully of what I was saying. I closed my eyes and I felt my body begin to relax comfortably as it had barely did for the past few hours of this trip.

                                                                     ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****

    “Wow, nine hours, huh?” I heard Amy’s voice over my head, “She must’ve been really tired,”

    “Nine hours!?” I jumped up and by only a few seconds, impact between two foreheads collided.

    “Dang!” Amy cried, “You have a stone head!”

    “I’m sorry,” I apologized as I felt the throbbing in my head grow worse from just waking up and making contact to my friend’s forehead.

    “Wow, I’ll take that as a warning to never talk above you again,” She finally laughed as she took a seat behind me. I also took my seat and saw Lynus wearing rectangular shaped reading glasses, but it seems as if he has fallen asleep with his book laid upside down on his lap.

    “Did the plane land for gas?” I asked Amy, but she didn’t answer. I got up to see her eyes closed, “Amy?”

    “Don’t go in there!?” Amy jumped, “Oh, it was just a dream,”

    “How do you jump into a dream so quickly and then jump back out of it?” I wondered as I studied the bump on her forehead, “Did I really hit you that hard?”

    “Not really, I’m just practicing how to sleep and how to control your dreams, but it seems that the endings always go the way I don’t want them to go. So, what was it you were saying?”

    “I asked,” I leaned against my seat as I looked at her waiting patiently for me to ask my question, “Has the plane landed for gas?”

    “Oh, yea,” She said smartly as she raised one finger of continuation, “We left the platform about thirty minutes ago,”

    “Ok, that’s all I needed,” I widened my eyes as I emphasized my words to her in a smart talking manner. 
    Throughout the trip, I either stared out the window or talked to Amy and Lynus, but overall the countless times of trying to go back to sleep, I could only hear the loud sounds of laughter coming from Jin making jokes that made absolutely no sense. It led me to wait till she passed out on his on shoulder where all that did was make me feel uneasy. I finally fell asleep until…

    “We are arriving Marcadia at about 10 minutes,” The intercom from the cockpit clicked on as the pilot informed us of our current destination. My eyes opened wide as I felt the ache in my head throb from the lack of sleep. Fate and Jin we already awake clinging on to each other. It was starting to strangely frustrate me.

    “I can’t wait to go to the beach!” Jin squealed, “I finally get to try on my new black bikini!”

    “~” I didn’t say anything, but I knew my comments would be brushed off somewhere else. I leaned back in my seat as the plane began to diminish closer towards the runway. The sounds of the engine began to slowly cut off as the gears on the plane struck the runway. You could hear the screeching sounds of the aircrafts brakes being pulled as our bodies held tight onto the armrests provided on both sides of each seats. When the plane finally came to a complete stop, the students began screaming in excitement.

    “We have finally reached our destination,” The pilot started, “There are three trams ready to escort you to your assigned resting place. Thank you for a peaceful flight and enjoy your trip here in Marcadia,”

    “O-m-g, I can’t believe we’re here!” Amy jumped up enthusiastically as she made her way out of her seat followed by Lynne. I watched the two galloped down the aisle like a strange couple getting married. I smiled as I watched their happiness spread throughout the area.

    “Ready?” Lynus asked. My attention switched over to him. I nodded my head and I pulled myself up from my seat while grabbing hold of his shoulder to keep balance. I looked up and saw Fate staring at me when he saw my hand upon Lynus’s shoulder. A fiery feeling exploded within me when I realized that something was really wrong about the current situation. What is he hiding?

    When everyone was called off the plane, the groups were already forming. One group got on the first tram, then the second group got on the second, but the third group waited patiently with their other friends before they got on the third tram. I used to get excited about class trips, but this one seemed different. It seemed very wistful.

    “It looks like we’re all in the same group,” Jin disappointingly muttered. She crossed her arms, but then her mood changed when she saw Fate approaching us, “You’re in our group!?”

    “It would seem so,” Fate laughed. In just a moment, Lynus and Fate were staring at each other as if they were mind-fighting each other. Jin was off in space daydreaming about Fate while everyone else in the group were on their phones or talking to each other about what they expect of their trip here.

    “Group 15!” A man up front called our group to escort us to our flat. Each flat contained free Wi-Fi and free cable available for all students and staff to use anytime of the day. Each group who’ve been escorted to their flat has individual rooms and housing to themselves, but each student in the group live connected to each flat.

    “And who put me into this group?” I whispered to myself as I felt the feeling of disturbance cross over my face. I was reluctant to say anything. Lynus and I sat next to each other in the back of the tram where it was silent.

    “Do you want to go site seeing with me?” Lynus broke the silence. I looked at him astonishingly when he asked that question where everyone could hear him. He surprised me even further when he took my hand and held it in his, “A date?”

    “A date?” I almost shouted, but controlled myself from the astonishment. I wiggled my hand out of his and looked away, “I don’t know,”

    “I’ll give you time to think about it,” He chuckled behind a fear of being rejected. I just don’t know what goes on in that brain of his, he’s just like… Fate! Wait a minute. I looked at Fate and Lynus back and forth trying to see whether my theory was true. There’s no way they could be brothers, could they? I stray my mind away from the idea when I felt the tram’s engine change gears to accelerate.

    We finally arrived at our destination where the buildings were covered in flowery vines of yellow and fiery red lilies. The exquisite site was very memorable to the times I had visited when I was of a younger age. We were all awed and impressed with how well the arrangements turned out. It was a clean success and amazement to every visitor currently here. It was the perfect reservation.

    I carried my luggage towards my room with a number placed on the door that matched the number on my luggage ticket. I opened the door and then closed it behind me when I entered the living area of the flat. My eyes gazed over the room to see the opposite side where two sliding doors were locked shut.

    “What a nice view,” I acknowledged the view outside through the transparent doors as I dropped my stuff and walked towards the door. I took a key they gave us before we got to our rooms and I unlocked the doors. When the door finally clicked free, I made my way outside onto the shiny, clean balcony. There, I was welcomed by the fresh breeze of lavished pollen that scented the air with everything the island had within it. I could hear nature pulling me into my paradise, calling me to leave reality.

    “What a perfect view!” I looked over to see Fate leaning over the balcony railings, but something apart of him glistened when he looked over towards me. I finally wasn’t surprised that he noticed me once again. I began to laugh a little, “What?”

    “The view is perfect, isn’t it?” I looked over towards the trees and the glimmering water, and then I looked at Fate again. My heart began to beat faster when I saw Fate still looking at me. There was a moment of silence.

    “Fate?” Jin was knocking on his door. He looked over at the door and I took that as my chance to escape. When I closed the balcony doors, I covered my face and felt tears begin to pour out. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been denying it this whole time.

    “Why?” I sobbed into my arms as my whole body fell to the floor. Why am I feeling so hopeless? It must’ve been obvious that by the way I’ve been acting has caused someone like Fate to believe that I hate his guts more than anyone, but how could he not think I hate him? For the past weeks I’ve only tried doing things on my own because I believed it was the right thing to do when I never realized the true beauty of him. I rejected all his help, all because I knew what would happen if I got any closer to him. I think I…

    “Kathleen?” It was Amy at my door calling me. I snapped my head back and wiped all the tears away from face. I ran for the door and opened it.

    “Hey Amy!” I greeted her with a curious smile. She was already dressed in her swimwear and she had a beach bag in hand with her full of beach towels and sunscreen, “Already going out? We just got here,”

    “I know,” We both laughed, “Let’s go together,”

    “Alright,” I let her into the room while she followed me to my suitcase. When I opened it, clothes and items of all sorts flew out into a raging mess, “Already making a mess,”

    “It’s alright,” She laughed, “Here, come to my place,”

    “Why?” I looked at her curiously as her expression turned into something like a child getting a new toy.

    “Don’t ask,” She grabbed my wrist and dragged me out of my apartment and brought me to hers, “Try this on,”
    “But it’s a bikini,” I held the straps with just two fingers and looked at it like it was a frightening bug, and then I looked at her with the same expression.

    “Oh come one, Kathleen,” Amy gestured towards me, “Live a little, you can’t keep closing yourself off,”

    “But it’s not… Me,” I said. Amy looked like she knew what I was going to say, so she sighed and sat in a chair.
    “Kathleen, I’m your best friend,” She started, “Can’t you trust me for just a little bit?”

    “Well,” I thought about it. Would it really hurt to wear it? “I guess I’ll wear it,”

    “Really?” Amy jumped up almost as if she just pulled a guilt trip on me, but I realized that I didn’t mind that fact that she used it on me. When I finally dressed up for Amy, I walked out into the living room where she was waiting for me with a cute, waist-wrapping beach cloak, “This is for you,”

    “Well Gee, Thanks,” I joked, but I don’t think she seemed to get it.

    “Well you don’t have to wear it if you don’t want to,” She sounded almost frustrated. When she took the cloak over to chair, I stopped her.

    “Look, I didn’t mean it like that,” I started to feel guilty that I may have done something wrong, “I’ll wear it, Amy. I think it looks cute,”

    “You really think so?” She turned towards me as if she were about to cry and before I knew it, she was running towards me at full speed. She almost knocked me over when she gave me a huge hug only forced by her speed of excitement. I hugged her back to let her know that I was being sincere to her, “You know I’ve always looked up to you for help in everything. You’re the reason why the love of my life is here with me. You know I appreciate everything you do for me, as a friend and a devoted sister. I’ll always be here for you whenever you need me,”

    “Why are you saying this now?” I chuckled, but I was close to breaking into tears.

    “You think I haven’t noticed?” She pulled back from me and smiled, “The way you look at him and the way you are around him,”

    “Around who?” I could feel my heart freeze as my whole body did, too. I could only stand there staring at her with not many words to say. It almost felt traumatizing just to know exactly how I feel.

    “Kathleen, stop denying it,” She sighed, “You’re not the same person when you’re around…”

    “Lynus!?” I interrupted her before she even tasted the words of the real name, the name that she was just about to say in front of me, and the name that would flow into my head that would cause a mind-destructing paralysis on my soul and body.

    “Lynus?” She repeated the name, and then her eyes widened, “You’re in love with Lynus!?” I didn’t answer. I wanted her to think that was true. She crossed her arms and smiled at me. Did it work? I must've as her pairing eyes began imagining us together on some far away date. Very typical of her, yet I still love her. I smiled and stepped away from the conversation in hopes a new one would begin.


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