Fate Brought Us Together

Fate Brought Us Together is a story about the wealthy, well that's only half way true. It's an adventurous romance between a boy and girl who grow up in a rich society. Kathleen plays the rich girl without a rich girl mind, she does attend parties, but only if ordered by her parents. They act like an ordinary family with money. Now her parents have friends coming from Florida to stay with them until their son graduates. Their son, Fate, is the handsome and smart guy that ends up living under the same roof as Kathleen. How will this turn up when Kathleen's hate for Fate turns into a fate more real than any other? Only her confusion can be solved when her feelings are met with help.


4. Chapter 4

    “Miss. Kathleen,” Mr. Monee knocked on the entrance door, “Are you ready?”
    “Ah, yea,” I placed my hair, that was silky clean and rich, in place for the finishing touch, and then opened the door, “I’m ready, Mr. Monee,”
    “This way, please,” Mr. Monee lead me to the car and entered opened the driver’s seat.
    “What are you doing?” I asked as I saw Mr. Monee waiting patiently by the Driver’s side door.
    “Your mother informed me to let you drive to school this morning,” Mr. Monee smiled in excitement.
    “Is it alright to be excited about this?” I swallowed, “What if I wreck?”
    “You won’t wreck!” Mr. Monee sounded more intense. 
    “Okay, okay, I’ll do it,” I handed my bags to Mr. Monee and he placed them in the backseat behind the passenger seat. I sat comfortably in the driver’s seat and couldn’t believe I made it to this time of day, the day that I felt like I was growing up more quickly than I had predicted.
    “Alright, let us start with the adjustments,” Mr. Monee started, “Can your reach the pedals?”
    “Not really,” I noticed that Mr. Monee had really long legs, so I adjusted the seat to move forward a bit to where I could feel the pedals beneath my right foot.
    “Okay,” Mr. Monee continued, “When you look through your side mirrors, do you see the side of the car?”
    “Yes,” I answered while checking both mirrors.
    “Okay,” He sounded as if he were my driver’s skill test teacher, “Now when you look at your rearview mirror, can you see the rear of the car?”
    “Slightly,” I adjusted the mirror a tad downwards so I could see, from my height, the rear of the vehicle, “Check,” 
    “Very good,” He pulled out the keys from his pockets and placed them in my hand as if I am now the one responsible, “Now, before starting the vehicle, I want you to hold your right foot on the brakes,”
    “Okay,” I pressed down on the brakes as ordered and stuck the key in the ignition and turned it clockwise, then watched it counterclockwise a tad over. I felt strange being the one in control, I’ve always been used to others driving, not once did I think this day would come!
                                                            ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****   
    “That was perfect for a beginner like you, Miss. Kathleen,” Mr. Monee smiled and saw me off to school safely. After seeing that Mr. Monee was out of sight, I accidentally found Fate’s car parked in the school parking lot.
    “Whatever,” I smirked and headed for the gym where everyone was supposed to meet together before entering the auditorium for my morning speech. 
    “Kathleen, over here!” Amy called from far across the gym. She was sitting on the very top row in a corner where she saved a seat for me in a place where it wasn’t that all crowded.
    “Thanks, Amy,” I acceptably sat in the seat she chose, then made myself comfortable in her presence and everyone else around me that was also sitting comfortably chatting with their friends and partners.
    “No problem, how’s the speech?” Amy smiled while noticing that I was completely nervous.
    “Oh, great, but the speaker is feeling a bit nervous as usual,” We laughed while enjoying the perfect mood that was formed throughout the gym and the rest of the building that was filled with laughter of the reunited students of this school from a short, but somewhat long summer… in other’s case it would’ve seemed long.
    “Students of Hill High School, I’d like to inform that the doors to the auditorium will open in 5 more minutes,” The intercom voiced by our school secretary, Mrs. Lizard, started the information countdown as scheduled. After the intercom clicked off, it was my signal that I had to get myself ready for the speech of the morning. I did the usual routine.
    “I’ll see you later,” I gathered my stuff and left Amy sitting on the top bench where we always sat at the beginning of every year of school.
                                                           ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****   
    “Okay, Kathleen, are you ready?” Mrs. Lizard asks while also noticing my nervousness. She patted me on the shoulder for good luck and then headed back to the intercom to inform that the countdown will begin in 50 seconds, “50 seconds remains,”
    “I’ll do fine,” I whispered to myself for encouragement. I stepped onto the stage behind the closed curtain and held the microphone a great distance from my mouth to where there wasn’t much spit hitting the microphone, and to where it was made clear of my words to hear and understand. 
    “10, 9, 8, 7...” The countdown begun, I took a deep breath from my nostrils and exhaled slowly through my mouth, “4, 3, 2...1!” 
    “Good Morning, Students of Hill High School,” I started and listened to the students clap and cheer me on. I smiled and continued, “I am Kathleen Jay, and most of you know me, of course,”
    “You go girl!” One of the guys, from the middle section, cheered.
    “This year, the school has decided to make a few exciting changes,” The students began to calm down, “We have put together a plan, a plan that I know most of you will enjoy,” I swallowed, “This year, we are inviting you to join us to the every month school trip. It’s very simple, if you are free on the weekends, then come along!”
    “Yea!” All the students stood up clapping and laughing together while enjoying the news.
    “Also,” I paused, “We all need to do our best to become the top best school of America! Good luck,” I left the stage while the curtains fell and then the lights dimmed down. The ten spotlights that searched the auditorium all focused on Jin and her friends that followed behind her by the auditorium entrance.
    “Now, let’s have Jin come up and have her do the normal routine!” The speakers, that surrounded us, announced. Jin went on stage while I found a seat next to an unfamiliar student; he looked like he wasn’t from around here.
    “Alright guys, we all know who I am,” Jin started while whipping her hair around like she was a model or something, “I’m Jin Manikin, as Miss. Kathleen just explained, we need to become the best, agreed?”
    “Yeah!” Mostly the guys cheered.
    Alright,” Jin turned around and posed. She lifted her hand up that was available without a microphone and the lights shut off in sync with her hand that had just rose, “I have a performance for you all, a good luck song!”
    “Whatever,” I whispered to myself.  

“The lights are shining down on me,
But all the light has made for me
Is peace and great need.
Your heart is mine,
Your soul is mine.
Let us eat and devour
The darkness that has destroyed
My home and life,
You and I
Will survive”

    “Wow, that’s exquisite talent!” Manny, a brunette fan of Jin, screamed while the lights dimmed. Jin had disappeared into the rising smoke that formed slowly through each beat.
    “All students, please, continue to your first period class,” The intercom clicked off and all students began to go to their first period class. Of course, my class wasn’t far at all. Algebra 2 was just down the hall from the double doors of the auditorium. Mrs. Frilly was waiting by outside her classroom while greeting her students just as she did last year.
    “Miss. Katherine, it’s so nice to see you again,” Mrs. Frilly smiled calmly and confidently. “I hope to see you make perfect attendance this year,”
    “I shall try, Mrs. Frilly,” I smiled brightly in the classes view to show them that I was in a fantastic mood, at least for the ones who know me well.
    “Kathy, over here,” Amy brought my attention to the seat in the way back corner. I approached her, but as I drew closer, a familiar face sat comfortably next to Amy, “Kathy, do you know…”
    “Fate!?” I almost screamed in shock to where the whole classroom was quiet and staring at me.
    “Wow, how do you know me?” He acted as if he didn’t know me while slouching on the back of his seat in a cool, relaxed position.
    “I wonder the same,” I answered while my breath was almost completely taken away by the ignorant fool for whom I must spend my life with for two years.
    “Are you okay, Kathy?” Amy noticed my face almost becoming white as a ghost, “Anyway, this is Fate,” 
    “Nice to meet you, Fate,” I began to play along with his thoughtless game and then turned away to sit in the desk on the opposite side of Amy and Fate. 
    “Alright class, today I’d like to start the day off with an introduction,” Mrs. Frilly raised her slender palm to class with the intention of quieting down the classroom, “My name is Mrs. Frilly, I am your Math teacher for the year. Majority of you know me very well, but today we have a new transfer student, please treat him well,”
    “Where?” Angel Parson, a regular student, whispered to Lynon Hesin, also a regular student of Hill High. A boy with dark jet-black hair entered the room with much fierce in his eyes that was mostly covered by the thickness of his hair. He slowly moved his hand over to his face while the students watched in suspense, but as he put his hair behind his ear to uncover the mystery behind the hair, all the students gasped.
    “Hello,” His face shinned in the light while the uncovered beauty remained smiling at all the girls. The girls were so close to standing up in amazement of his handsome face that unleashed brighter light to all the hearts in the room. His voice was deep enough to where all the female students remained as lobsters from blushing heavily of hot pumping blood that rushed quickly to their faces, “I’m Kert Kinsley,”
    “So handsome,” Angel almost fell to the floor like a lifeless doll being blown away by a forceful slash of wind.
    “Please be seated, Kert,” Mrs. Frilly politely pointed to the empty seat in the back row that was right in between me and Amy. As he approached, the dark corner had become the attention to all the students in the classroom. It seems as if a jealousy of wind had slapped them in the face that led them to look at me angrily, I paid no attention to the other students who showed anger in their eyes, “Now that we feel comfortable where we’re at, let’s get started with the roll of attendance,”
    Class was short as usual for the first day of school, next was English. I gathered my bag that was half-way empty and then started out the door towards my next class. As I walked down the hallway, I passed the library that was almost huge enough for an expensive public sized library, and then I continued to the Shakespeare designed door that read English, Mr. Marks. I entered with hopes of a quiet morning in English.
    “Katherine!” Mr. Marks greeted while his glasses lay pleasantly on his slim, tanned nose.  
    “Hello, Mr. Marks,” I greeted back to him as I took my seat to the front of the classroom while I smiled happily for being away from the arrogant person named Fate, but in my mind it’s more like a cursed fate that was brought to me from the current waters of the ocean that washed up upon its shore. I feel punished for something I haven’t committed, it’s insupportable.
    “Hey, do you have a pencil I can borrow,” A very high pitched, but familiar tone from behind me asked quietly behind my ear.
    “Yeah, sure,” I lifted my bag to my lap and began to search for a mechanical pencil, “Ah, here it is, here you go…” I paused when I saw the face of the person I had agreed to share my stuff with, it was none other than my fate of disaster.
    “Thank you,” He snatched the pencil from my hand and ignored me throughout the whole class period.
    “Fate!” I recognized the squealing voice of Jin, my true annoyance of the day, storming past pathways of crowded hallways. All the students rushed to the sides of the walls away from her as if she was some kind of Queen, but as much as I see it, it wouldn’t surprise me if she was the Queen of nail polish, she’d be drunk from alcohol itself. 
    “Jin, how very nice to see you,” Fate accepted her invite to join her for a walk to the next class. I sighed as I watched the two of them walk together side by side down the hall as if it were their wedding day.
    “Katherine!” Amy’s voice had traveled though my brain until it had reached my focusing nerve.
    “Amy?” I searched for her face in the crowd, but my body was being pushed away from her by the speeding crowd of students that rushed to their next class, hoping to make it on time without having to receive a tardy mark by their name.         
    “Where did she go?” I murmured to myself as I walked down the hallway full of students who were gossiping about the new imaginary couple named Jin and Fate. As I happily entered my next class, I took my seat to the way back and placed my textbook on my desk.  I searched the room for a familiar face, but saw that it was clear. 
    “Alright class, today I have nothing for you, but I thank you for your attendance,” Mrs. Plompy, the librarian and chemistry teacher, announced as she made her way to her desk.  Many students in the room were recognizable, but I noticed the boy in the front row seat from first period.  He seemed happier than what he had looked earlier, “please don’t be too loud and please have a wonderful day, I hope to see perfect attendance from all of you,” 
    “I hope the surgery for her husband will go as planned,” A student in beige praised as she looked at the fear in Mrs. Plompy’s eyes. I felt sorry for her, I don’t know exactly what it feels like to lose someone important, but I do know that it must hurt painfully. 
    “Shirley, it can’t be that bad,” A student in violet assured the girl in beige, known as Shirley, with a calm, gentle voice. They smiled in warmth as they both held on tight to the care they were having for Mr. Plompy’s condition. Mr. Plompy had an accident when he was walking down the steps to get the telephone that kept ringing continuously and then he slipped while hitting his head on the railing, he was left unconscious for two days straight. On the third day, he had awoken with a terrible case of amnesia; he had then fallen unconscious again from the stress that was building up inside of him. No one has heard anything else, but that he’s getting surgery soon. 
    Class was over and soon after that; lunch had arrived in a great tumult. Students rushed to the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth lines to buy the food that they had been waiting for all morning. The students were rushing incredible fast that I hadn’t noticed that I was driven to the middle of the fourth line.
    “Awesome, a free lift,” I smiled slyly as I forgot the horrible incident that had happened this morning.
    “What would you like, ma’am?” A thin woman with hot rolled curls glanced at her notepad to hear my order.
    “I’d like a medium sized Sprite,” I started as she jotted down on her notepad of the order I had made, “A small box of ham, cheese, and egg salad with Thousand Island ranch, please,”
    “Will that be all for you?” She asked with such tired eyes.
    “Yes, ma’am,” I answer, but then she shot at me with a surprised glance, a glance of happiness.
    “Your order will be done shortly,” She smiled as her mood seemed to change from tired to happy, “That will be seven dollars and eighty-seven cents,”
    “Keep the change,” I gave her ten dollars and left to the next door that read “Pick up order here,”
    “Your order, ma’am,” A woman of gray hair strands, that looked to be seventy, reached over the window to hand me my box of ham, cheese, and egg salad, “And your sprite, miss,”
    “Thank you,” I retrieved the items and turned around to look for an empty table. I circulated past tables to tables until I had finally found an empty table. Set my things on the table and reached for my seat, but as I watched the seat pull back on its own, I noticed a man of dark brown hair smile gently and comfortably in front of me.
    “Chivalry towards women is the key to success,” He winked while keeping his smile firmly in place.
    “I see,” I respected him acceptingly. Minutes passed and the boy and I were talking about our future, “What will you do after you’ve mastered Italian violin making, Jim?”
    “Well, I may just create them forever,” Jim laughed as he sat back in his chair with a friendly smile on his face.
    “It seems we have a lot to talk about,” It was Jin’s voice, “Oh, Catlin,”
    “It’s Kathleen,” I corrected her as I saw Fate arm and arm with Jin; I rose one eyebrow and turned away from the happy couple.
    “Whose he?” Fate asked as he seemed a little bit on edge.
    “Does it matter?” I asked as I stared at my empty tray.
    “I’m Jim Karl, who are you?” He politely rose to the sight of Jin.
    “I’m Fate Yarely, this is Jin Manikin,” Fate introduced himself AND Jin.
    “I’m sorry, but am I missing something?” I examined Fate and Jin, “Are you two dating?”
    “Yes,” Jin quickly answered as she obsessively squeezed his arm tighter.
    “Oh, I knew there was something going on,” I smirked at him while my eyes penetrated through his as I became glad to see him with someone else, because it only means one thing… Quietness. I finally lifted myself to my feet with my bag relaxed onto my shoulder and I shot a glance at Jim, “I’m sorry to leave you like this; I have somewhere I need to go,”
    “No problem,” He stood up from his chair while picking up his tray and mine.
    “Oh no, it’s alright, I’ll take that,” I generously replied to his generosity.
    “No, it’s not polite for a gentleman to leave a lady carrying much stuff on her back, it applies stress to the spirit,” Jim advised as he shot an angry glance at Fate, but he just stood there next to Jin with an unwelcoming stare as he watched Jim leave our presence. I ignored Fate and continued to the library without glancing back to see if Fate had noticed my warning face that read ‘Stay away from me!’
    When I arrived to the library that was one hallway away, I stopped in front of the glass door to see that no one was there, but the librarian, who was sitting in her office drinking coffee. Alone at last! I swung the door open and walked over to a row of computers; they were the old windows XP computers… The really slow ones.
    “I’m so bored,” I sunk into the comfortable chair that was surrounded by cushions of soft fabric, not to mention my favorite color blue.
     Sixth period, seventh period and eighth period passed faster than an hour, but for others it seemed like a year. I waited patiently for Mr. Monee to show up in front of the high school building to pick me up from a tiring day of drama. As I sat on the school steps, I saw students rushing to their vehicles while mine was nowhere in sight.
    “Honestly, where is that man?” I stood up with an impatient look on my face that led a loud vehicle to stop in front of me.
    “Need a ride?” Fate had his left arm sticking halfway out of the window and his right hand gripping the steering wheel.
    “No,” I refused as I walked past his car and continued down the row of vehicles that was taken up by half the staff that worked here. As I heard the door slam and the sound of sneakers hitting the pavement behind me gave me an urge to walk faster or even run, he was too close for me to even take action. Fate rushed to my side, I just looked forward to find the end of the school parking lot. Mr. Monee was nowhere in sight.
    “What’s wrong with you?” He stepped in front of me to stop my fast pace walking that seemed to be too much for Fate to handle.
    “Nothing is wrong with me!” I shouted. My heart was beating harder and harder against my chest that I felt like I was going to faint or swing my fist at his stupid, empty head of his. It seems I got him all wrong, Fate is definitely not the mature, honest man I thought him to be… He’s more like a child! “I simply just want to be alone like I’ve always been for my entire life!”
    “Your entire life?” He didn’t believe me at all, I could tell as I saw the laughter in his eyes.
    “Exactly,” I pushed myself past him. His hand grabbed my arm to the elbow level, “If you have something important to say, you’d better say it now, because I will not put up with your childish acts after today,”
    “You will soon understand my ways,” He said almost too serious for me to understand what he wanted me to understand.
    “I don’t want to understand you!” I broke away from him as I felt the tears piling up under my eyelids. Why did I come close to even liking him?
    I wiped away my tears as I climbed up the steps to an old, burnt, wooden shelter that stood sturdily under a group of hovering trees of pine and apple. Half rotten apples covered the dead grass, that hadn’t been cut in almost 9 years, and tree branches were breaking to and fro. Who knows, one tree might finally decide to collapse on me as a punishment for bringing my heart to come close to a devious, lowlife called Fate Yarely!
    “Devious,” I repeated my thoughts, “Lowlife,”
    I collapsed onto the floor and thought clearly of what really happened in the past few weeks. The first time we met I had noticed something that I hadn’t really thought too much about. When he looked at me, he seemed nervous, no, frightened, but of what? Our next encounter seemed to be moving along faster than two of the opposite gender, you’d think the two of us would be ignoring one another until it became time for any kind of relationship to be blossoming, but no, it came faster than a blink of an eye. Then the generals promotion party, he said something I will never forget, but I wish I could forget it or maybe what he said was only intentional, why would he want to do something to me that could affect me in all my female ways. I will try my best to block out all the words that has made me affected by him. But…. 
    “The reason I was happy not to be your brother anymore was because… I have a right to fall in love with you,” 
    His words trampled on me as if I was meaningless, his pride has already reached its limit or maybe it’s my nerve that’s reached farther than the naked eye could ever see. My eyes began to fall so heavily that the weight in my body gave way to gravities powerful pull, I was pulled down to the wooden floor and then my eyes and body gave up. I fell deeply asleep. 

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