I wanted you first

Ella and Connor are best friends. But what happens when Ella doesn't get to Connor first? Feelings are revealed and it's almost to much for Ella to handle.


9. should I?

Ella's P.O.V

Two weeks have passed since Connor and I had our fight. I now have to hide my wrists because I let my feelings get the best of me. Kian has started to notice something is going on too. I will catch him staring at me. Looking at me concerned.

"Ella. There is something I want to tell you" kian says one day, coming into my temporary room.

"Connor wants to talk to you" he says slowly, choosing his words carefully. "But I am not going to make you go" he finishes. I think to myself, would it be that bad? "Why does he want to talk to me?" "Should I go?" "I should" I tell myself. I look at kian and smile. I nod my head "sure, I'll talk to him" after all I have nothing to lose. I already lost my security, Connor have me that. I have already lost my happiness, Connor gave that to me too. I have lost so much that I don't care anymore. I don't feel anymore. I guess me and Connor were meant to be this way. So close, yet so far. I continue reading the book I had in my hand before Kian came in. I guess I'll have to talk to connor.

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