I wanted you first

Ella and Connor are best friends. But what happens when Ella doesn't get to Connor first? Feelings are revealed and it's almost to much for Ella to handle.


8. Not coming back

   Connor’s POV


I stand staring at the door. Ella is gone. I lost her. I told myself that I would never do this. I sink to the floor. How could I have done this? I let the public get to me. “Stupid rumors” I think burying my face in my hands. The tears come as I look at the picture of Ella and I in my wallet. I jump up and throw the wallet across the room. How could I have let this happen? I cry and cry and cry until there is nothing left inside me but an empty heart. I wipe my tears and look at the clock. 9:00pm. Great I have spent my whole day doing nothing. I stand up and walk to the kitchen. I grab a slice of leftover pizza and a random drink from the fridge. I sit on the couch and eat. I cant help but glance at the door every few minutes. “She is not coming back” I say firmly to myself. I finish the tiny drink that I have and walk into my room. I lay down on my bed slowly. Squeezing my eyes shut, pretending that Ella is next to me. I drift into an uneasy sleep. I dream that Ella is running from me. I chase her and she falls to the ground. I raise my hand, ready to hit. I wake up sweaty and frightened. I reach to my side to pull Ella closer to me but then I remember. How could I forget. I fall back asleep for a short period of time. The sun hits my face and I wake up bleary-eyed. I stay in my bed and find myself thinking about my time with Ella. All the times I could have held her tighter.

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