Lies & Secrets

The young and beautiful 14 year old Addyson has a secret about her moms boyfriend that's not just unforgettable but could lead to mayor problems or even prison if anyone found out. Will she keep it to her self or tell someone?


1. Pain And Sorrow

Today was the day my mom was going to introduce me to her boyfriend for the first time. I'm nervous what if this guys not right for my mother like my father was? It's been about 2 years now since my mother and father have gotten a divorce. My father was an alcoholic. My sister and I would come home from school and he would be passed out on the couch. My father and my mom fought a lot everyday it seemed to just get worse and worse. Name calling to physical fighting.  I hated the idea of my mother dating someone new. I didn't want this guy to replace my father. After a while of driving, we pull up to this school like apartment. As we walk into the apartment my mother knocks on the door and this tall man opens it and welcomes us in. "Hey" says my mom hugging the man. As my mother starts to introduce my sisters and I to the man I just stare at him looking at him. He was very tall probably about 6 foot tall, had brownish hair and a beard. "And this is my oldest Addyson." "Hey" I answered. "I'm Jackson" he said. We all walk into the living room where he's kids were at. There was a 11 year old, 13 year old, 16 year old. Jackson introduced my sisters and I to them we all smiled and said hello. After that we all left to go to Incredible Cake. That night was a fun and crazy night. Maybe Jackson isn't that bad after all.

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