"Brothers best friend "

My life is very differnt ♢
only because im harry styles sister ☣
Leanne styles
And i like his bestfriend. ☭
and i have to meet his best mates ✓
its going to be a long summer ☀


7. chapter 7

Leanne's pov

I woke up to see Liam sleeping next to me he had his arms around me I looked at him I kissed him he fluttered his eyes open he smiled "I love waking up to this "he says i smile and kiss him he gets up and goes to the Lou I look at my phone and tweet on twitter @Leanne_styles (don't know if that's really but hey w.e ) love walking up to him :) I tweet it out getting a bunch of tweets and such then  Liam gets out the Lou and sits next to me "hey can we take a pic " I ya he nodded and fixed his hair he kisses my check then I kisses his check and then I took one of us kissing "I like that one " Liam says of us kissing i nodded I edited it and posted the pic saying "your kisses are like wine and I want to get drunk @lilipayne " I get up when I get pulled back down "let's just stay in bed please " he says "Liam you know I want to but we can't " I say he pouts and I pull him up I head to my to find Lou getting dressed "HEYY boobear " I say "hey mrs.payne " I chuckle a little and get dressed in white jeans that are riped and a white crop top that says "umm okay "I put on some slip ons  that are back and did My makeup and put my hair in a bun and went to Liam's room all we did was watch movie hanged out with all the boys and ate pretty relaxed day I loved it and I loved hanging with Liam



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