"Brothers best friend "

My life is very differnt ♢
only because im harry styles sister ☣
Leanne styles
And i like his bestfriend. ☭
and i have to meet his best mates ✓
its going to be a long summer ☀


6. chapter 6

(Hai guys srry for not updating writers block but I'm back )

Leanne's pov

I lean back in my chair "well I ate to much I might explode " I say holding my tummy everyone nodded there head we payed for the bill and left and got in the limo and went back to the hotel Louis and I are now best friends so we change I front of each other just not look at each other I got a band tee shirt and some shorts on and went to Harry's room no one was there so we just say and talked untill the rest of the boys walked in "hey Leanne can I talk to you for a min " says Liam I get up and all 4 of the boys smirk I walk out and Liam pins me on the way and kisses me I kiss back wrapping my hands around his neck he breaks the kiss "let's take this to the room not the hall way " I nodded we walk in to his room he closes the door locking it and turning around kissing my neck damn he's so sexual today he keeps kissing till he fines my sweet spot he starts bitting and sucking while I moan he find his way back up to my lips his hands go to my bum I take off his shirt then he stops "I can't your to sweet of a girl for me to do that " I awe and he blushes "hey let's watch a movie I say you story " he says "Liam we always watch toy story " he looks at me sad and I laugh he puts in "hair spray "and we cuddle I soon start to feel tired and shut my eyes and fall asleep

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