"Brothers best friend "

My life is very differnt ♢
only because im harry styles sister ☣
Leanne styles
And i like his bestfriend. ☭
and i have to meet his best mates ✓
its going to be a long summer ☀


1. chapter 1

Leanne's pov

"Bye mum I love you see you at the end of the summer " I say opening the cab door

"Bye Hun please be save for me " my mother calls out

And after that I got in the cab and drove to the airport

Oh Hi I'm leanne styles ,yes I know what your think harry styles sister I have blonde hair (yes I dyed it ) and I took after our mums straight hair so it's straight but it's summer and I'm flying to the u.s to spend the summer with my brother and his best mates and I may or may not have a crush on Liam ...


My stomach is in nots we are about to land and I'm very scared to meet his best mates I know they must be special because harry won't shut up about them it gets annoying ALOT I must have got lost in my thought because we just landed I got my carry on bag ,iPhone 5c,and headphones and walked out the plane ,as I walked inside the airport to wear the bag return is I see five guys one of course my brother ,a boy just a little less tall with a striped shirt and red pants ,next to him a boy wearing a varsity jacket and grey pants,next to him a boy with brown roots and and a blonde top eating a big bag of chips ,and of course Liam I can tell by his plaid shirt ,I walked up next to harry and laid my head on his shoulder and said "what's up big brother" he slightly shouted "LEANNE I MISSED YOU "and hugged me I could see the other boys eyes burning into me harry let go a spoke softer "Leanne this Louis ,zayn,Niall,and Liam " they all said "hi" harry got my bags and we started walking Louis then spoke and said "I BROKE A PENCIL IN HALF HAHA" we all started laugh but mostly Niall damn he has a hot laugh ,I felt Liam's eyes burning into me was he looking at my scars ,oh yea in 8 grade I got bullied and I did that stupid idea .But moving on ... We got into there limo as there body guard put my bags in the back I sat in between harry and Liam ahaha kinda dieing in side

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