The Perfect One

A 17 year old girl thinks her life is over because her whole family died in a car accident. She is living with her best friend Valeria. Valeria is all she has left until she meets Justin. Justin changes her life from bad to good.


7. The Truth

It came out positive. Right then and there I was so confused but thoughts were running through me and all of a sudden I remembered that night but I thought we used protect- and I was supposed to take the pill. I walked back to the room and I told the doctor I was pregnant.

Doctor: Please lay on the bed im gonna do an ultra sound

Patty: Ok

As the doctor put the gel he started to move it around we looked at the screen and we saw a little tiny body. I was shocked but also kind of excited that I was gonna be a mother and Justin was gonna be a father. As he was finishing I turned on my phone and I had 13 missed calls from Justin <3 and 27 messages from Justin <3

Patty: Thank you doctor but can I keep the test

Doctor: Yes you can and your welcome ill need to see you in 3 weeks

Patty: Ok

As I was heading home I was so excited to tell Justin about the baby but also scared what he would think.


As I entered the house I saw Justin crying. His eyes were red. He came running over to me and hugged me and I noticed he slowly calmed down.

Justin: Beautiful where were you? I was so scared

As I pulled out the pregnancy test I said

Patty: Im pregnant

Justin: Your pregnant as in im gonna be a father and you a mom?

Patty: Yes

I was feeling unsure about it but Justin noticed it

Justin: Im gonna be a father and im gonna treat them right. Im gonna care for them and im gonna help you with everything.

Patty: Thanks sweety but once the pap now your carrier might be destroyed

Justin: I dont care I rather have you than be famous but what if im a bad father and the kid dont like me?

Patty: The kid will love you!

Justin: I hope so

Justin got down on his knees and kissed my stomach and Justin started to talk to it

I was so happy that Justin wanted the baby. It would have sucked if he didnt. What if he left me? What if he made me get abortion? Im Justin glad that I met him. I mean I know that were not married or anything but I just love him alot. Hes everything to me. He makes me happy.

Justin: Well my beautiful princess you look so tired so your gonna go to bed

Justin carried me up the steps and put me in bed

Patty: I know ive never said this to you but I love you

Justins face turned from happy to super excited.

Justin: I l-love you to but way more

Patty: You just keep on wishing that you do


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