The Perfect One

A 17 year old girl thinks her life is over because her whole family died in a car accident. She is living with her best friend Valeria. Valeria is all she has left until she meets Justin. Justin changes her life from bad to good.


1. That Day

 It was like every other morning. Me waking up by myself no mom no dad sisters or brother considering to the fact they all died in a car accident. The doctors still don't know how i lived but i did. I guess everything is just me now. Oh and my name is Patty. I had 1 brother and 2 sisters and a mom and dad everything was perfect until a week ago. We all were supposed to go on a trip to San Antonio to visit family but on the way it was raining hard the road was slippery and there were a lot of turns. That one turn my dad took hard we flew off the road and down a cliff the car hit hard on the ground and everyone was screaming on the way down. We were all terrified! So we hit the ground and everyone was silent i slowly started to hear sirens getting louder and louder. I checked everyone and no one was breathing. I got scared and i knew that if they were to see me alive they would take me to an orphanage and i didn't want to. So i got out of the car took my clothes and left. When i turned back i saw the ambulance arrive and i just walked on. I figured that i would go back home and stay there but i wont have enough money to pay the house so with the money i had i went to a hotel and stayed the night. I called one of my close friends Valeria and she answered the phone i told her everything that happened and she told me she could let me stay for a couple of days while i figure everything out for awhile. I was so grateful that i had a friend by my side who cared at the time. School was about to end and i need to think of something before it did. I always remembered what my dad said "no matter what happens continue going because if you look back you never know what you might regret". So i called Valeria again and i told her i didn't know how i would get to her house if my car was at my house and my car keys were inside the house and the house was locked. She told me she would pick me up in the morning.


Valeria: Patty wake up!!! Open the door!!!

As i realized who it was i opened the door laid back down.

Valeria: Patty stop messing around and get your stuff and get in the car. NOW!!!


Valeria: LOL your hair your a mess and im sorry about what happened

Patty: No its fine i guess it had to happen

Valeria: Well your gonna be my sister know so YAY!!!

Patty: I know right thats like so awesome but is it ok with your parents that im gonna be living with your guys for awhile?

Valeria: Yea there fine with it were just gonna have to share a room

As she said those words she smiled and she looked really happy i was gonna be living with my best friend

Patty: Yea thats fine i just think im gonna wanna break into my own house to get a couple things. Wearing these cloths over and over and over again just wont work out for me.

Valeria: Ok thats fine well stop on the way there

Patty: Ok sweet and thanks valeria for always being there for me even when you have your own life im just happy i have a friend like you!

As i said those words i started to cry and valeria came over to me and hugged me

Valeria:Oh patty your welcome and thanks too. you always know how to make me smile and im grateful for that.

After that we got all my stuff and put it in the trunk and we went to my house. I broke a window and walked over to my room and got my clothes. Now that i was inside i could get my car keys. I took a couple of things from each of my siblings rooms so i could remember them know that they were gone. After we finished we took off and we drove off to valerias house. Once we got out valerias parents came running out and hugged me. There like my second mom and dad they were always there for me when my parents werent. They ment everything to me and i was happy to be in there arms at the moment. Valerias moms name was Martha and her dads name was Jose.

Martha: Sweet are you ok valeria told us what happened!

Patty: Yes im fine and take you both for letting me stay with you guys for awhile.

Jose: No you know your always welcome here and we will help you with everything ok dont worry were here for you.

Patty: Awwww thank you guys im just happy im with my family.

So after I talked to her parents me and valeria were busy all day putting my clothes away and my stuff and well organizing the room it was alittle hard but we did it. At night i was texing my crush. His name was angel and he was sooo cute but i dont think we would ever go out. Not after what happened. But just randomly he told me so many good things about me. He made my day just right when i thought my life was over he made it better. I fell asleep texting him. I felt bad when i woke up but i was just tired.

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