The Perfect One

A 17 year old girl thinks her life is over because her whole family died in a car accident. She is living with her best friend Valeria. Valeria is all she has left until she meets Justin. Justin changes her life from bad to good.


2. Seeing Him

So when i woke up i needed to breathe and just get out of the house for alittle bit.

Valeria: Patty breakfast is ready come down

Patty: Valeria can you come here please

Valeria: Yea sure

I heard her come up the steps and I felt bad to tell her but I was sure she would understand

Valeria: Whats up you called me?

Patty: Yea Valeria can I step out of the house for alittle i need to breathe and just get out of the house

Valeria: Yea thats fine just tell me when your back so i could give you your breakfast

Patty: Ok thanks best friend

Valeria: Welcome girl have fun take the time you need you dont need to rush ok

Patty: Ok

As soon as I left I just wanted to walk and breathe the fresh air and not worry about anything. I was craving Starbucks so I got some and sat down and I was thinking about how me and my mom would get Starbucks together. I broke down and a guy sat with me. I looked up and it was Justin Bieber. I wonder if he thought I was someone else.

Patty: Umm.....Hi

Justin: Hi are you ok? your crying really bad

Patty: Honestly no my whole family died in a car accident then i ran away and i have no body

Justin: Oh im sorry I wanna help you and your really pretty

Patty: Thank you and how will you help

Justin: I wanna make you happy so you wont be so sad. Lets go do something and i never caught your name

Patty: Ok and its patty like your mom

Justin: Thats a beautiful name and let me guess your a beliber arent you?

Patty: Yea your just so amazing

Justin: Yea i guess but i just need alittle break from all of that so i wanna take you out. You just look so amazing. Oh wait do you have a boyfriend?

Patty: No I dont I wish I did so a guy would care for me

Justin: Well im pretty sure you know I dont have a girlfriend so will you go out with me tonight?

Patty: Yes I would love to here is my number and ill send you the address

Justin: Ok and ill pick you up at 8:00

Patty: Ok but are you sure you wanna take me?

Justin: Yes i would love to get to know you. You look like a sweet girl

Patty: Ok thanks and ill see you then

We both stand up and he hugs me. I didnt really even know him i mean i do but not personally and i just felt safe in his arms but i know it was to good to be true. I know i should be happy to be going on a date with Justin Bieber but i should be careful.


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